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11 Ecommerce Popup Examples

11 eCommerce Popup examples to grow your revenue

Today, we’ll show you how helpful ecommerce popups can be for your business – They keep your potential customers on your website and enhance their customer journey.

And you might be wondering—are website popups annoying?

But they really don’t have to be annoying. 

You can use a popup to interact with visitors and give them personalized messages. This also gives you the opportunity to gather feedback and make recommendations.

To take this discussion further.

We’ve collected the 11 best email popup examples of notable e-commerce popups. You can use them to turn visitors into newsletter subscribers and customers.

Collect newsletter subscribers

Newsletters can attract new subscribers without any negative pushy tactics.

A newsletter popup is a non-intrusive way to grow your subscriber base. People who subscribe to your newsletter through an email popup will be more engaged and interested in what you have to say because they opted-in.

The best thing is? You won’t annoy your customers with pesky popups!

A visitor who doesn’t buy anything needs to be redirected or re-oriented. Instead of ignoring someone’s wants & needs, be sure to inquire about their email address.

Use a great offer to bring them back like free shipping yet expect to apply it for one purchase only. 

Segment and personalize your website popups.

Let’s see what you can do to target customers on your site based on their browsing activities

You should be careful about spammy pop-ups that are common on some websites. Personalized offers without too much friction can help you acquire new customers after they’ve made a purchase, but be wary of other intrusive offers that could turn them away.

Using Qualzz, you can easily segment your website visitors by:

  • The pages the user visited on the website
  • If they’ve interacted with other Qualzz campaigns
  • Country, traffic source, browser, device etc

Use FOMO in website popup to drive product sales

Urgency is an awesome conversion methodology for driving sales, you can do this by offering a limited-time deal or announcing that inventory is running low.

This is the FOMO effect, Most people don’t want to miss out on an amazing offer

You can use the Fear Of Missing out effect to increase your sales by:

  • A countdown timer placed in the discount popup will give your customers the sense of urgency they need in order to take advantage of it.
  • It is strongly recommended to notify customers when items will be closing soon. They may not get a chance to buy it if they do not know its availability.

In the example above, Nectar uses the timer to create a FOMO.

This FOMO strategy uses urgency and scarcity tactics to motivate customers to buy the products right away.

Promote your best-sellers

Do you have a product that sells the best on our site? Promote your post on the category page so that every customer sees it.

Too many ecommerce stores neglect to add some kind of popup which aims directly at increasing their conversion rates. A best-seller popup is an excellent way to do this and ought to be considered fairly carefully by every online retailer out there.

Boot barn recommends its bestsellers to the customers at checkout and thus increases sales multifold.

You can help visitors make better buying decisions by providing them with personalized product recommendations mixed with social proof.

Use geo-location to personalize the message

Make sure that all your e-commerce popups are personalized – it’s the best way to engage with customers and convert them.

And geolocation is a great way to personalize your website messages. It will allow you to tailor in-store marketing campaigns to the user’s current location.

With Qualzz you can easily segment your visitors based on their geo-location. This means they will only see the panels tailored to them.

  • Create multilanguage popups: Create popups that target English speakers in the UK and US, German speakers of Germany or Austria, etc. Target your language to speak with people in their own mother tongue to increase conversions
  • Shipping information: Do you offer different shipping policies for orders on a domestic level and for international orders. Send targeted popups to visitors who come from different countries.
  • Run Giveaways: Personalize your giveaways. Target the American market on July 4th and use an Australia Day event if you’re targeting Australians.

Visitors browsing this website will be able to read the content in their current browser language or select another language.

Increase sales with product recommendations

Providing product recommendations to customers can help you get additional sales. It provides them with an easier way to find the products they’re looking for, often without having to go through any other search or filtering beforehand.

Customers are looking for convenience. If they can find the products they’re looking for more easily, they’ll likely buy them. Recommendations provide customers with an easier way to find the product they’re looking for, often without having to go through any other steps or instructions. It’s also a great way to cross-sell or up-sell related products when applicable.

Visitors are always coming to your website. However, they abandon the shopping cart at the last minute, show them an exit intent popup with your product recommendation.

Powderfly uses this product recommendation popup feature to increase its conversions by nearly 30%.

Capture more social media followers

People between the ages of 18-49 are social media users and 80% of adults in this age range use it.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all social media platforms that can be very effective at driving conversions.

The popup example above from Urban ladder is a great way to integrate your website email popups with your social media campaigns.

You can show a popup to visitors that prevents them from going to other pages before they leave your site. This way you can keep them in the loop with your social media accounts and check for their availabilities.

Collect feedback

Want to know how to make a lifelong customer? Offer them an awesome customer experience that keeps them coming back.

80% of your customers are likely to spend more money at your store if you give them a great customer experience. You need to listen to your customers if you want them to feel like they’re heard.

This will keep them satisfied and help create the great experience that you’re envisioning. Before delivering the best service to your customers, it’s important to identify their preferences. What they like and what they don’t.

You can use feedback popups to ask your customers any question at the touch of a button.

In the example below, Leesa is using a feedback popup to gather feedback from its customers.

A popup survey can help you understand why customers don’t make it to the checkout. You can either have a survey popup at the end of their buying experience or ask them in person during their purchase.

Both scenarios enable you to collect valuable feedback that can be used to improve the customer experience.

Sales and discounts promotion

Do you want people to know about your awesome deal? Show them a promo popup message when they visit your website.

We know email marketing has great ROI, so this is a great opportunity to grow your email list while increasing sales.

Offers like 20% off can be a great incentive for customers to give you their contact info. When they sign up, you’ll have a better chance of making the sale and can send marketing emails to them with your offers.

When designing an ecommerce popup, it’s important that you think about the user experience. Remember to maintain a good user experience by implementing content to visually communicate what you’re asking for and include buttons that are easy to navigate to and from.

Having an exit-intent popup can help you target people before they are gone without affecting the user’s browsing experience.

Back in stock alerts

There is a high chance your customers will leave your site and not purchase anything if you don’t have their exact item.

Did you know that your bounce rate is made worse if customers can’t find what they’re looking for on your site?

Make them happy with this popup urging them to stay. Restock alerts can be sent to your customer’s email address when you get new inventory.

Learn how to recapture lost sales here.

These examples of e-commerce popups you’ve seen can be used to enhance your strategy.

Inform your visitors about shipping policies

Shopping online is the easiest way to buy goods, but it can also be one of the most expensive. Shoppers have a tendency to abandon their carts when they encounter previously unanticipated shipping costs.

Put the shipping policy in a spot that will be easy to find, like on or near your order form, and don’t put it in the footer. This way customers aren’t surprised and can check it before putting something in their cart.

In the example below, Bambinomio clearly states that they ship to Canada to its customers from Canada.

Visitors want to know about your shipping – so show it on your website when they are shopping by including an eCommerce popup. This will improve the conversion rate on your site.

Popups for Shopify ecommerce sites are a great way to increase conversions. This is because they give the visitor more information about the product they are interested in.

Visitors want reassurance that their package will arrive on time and also need information about delivery charges. Popups provide a neat, concise way of providing this information without distracting from the user experience.


We hope you enjoyed the eCommerce Popup examples. If you are looking to improve your eCommerce site and grow your revenue, be sure to check out the different options available for you. We hope you found this article helpful in your search for the best popup software for your eCommerce website.

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