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Social Media Followers

How to Capture Your Social Media Followers (7 Tricks Revealed)

Are you wondering why your social media account is not anymore getting more likes?

Or do you find it really hard to engage people with your content?

Well, if you are experiencing these scenarios, don’t feel bad.

There are still lots of tweaks that you can do to increase your social media followers.

Be Follow- Worthy

If you want to grow your online presence, the first thing that you must do is to keep your social media accounts worthy of being followed.

In other words,

Make sure that your accounts are informative, relevant, and updated.

If your accounts have the said requisites, people will follow your pages naturally.

If you know a team of SEO experts to produce a battery of informative content on your different social media accounts, the better. SEO experts know how to pick a topic that will surely entice readers.

They also know how to monitor the web traffic going in and out of your sites.

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These things are essential for you to know the real score of your social media accounts.

You will know if your content is doing good or if it’s already time for you to change your digital marketing plan. 

Build Integrity

Another factor that keeps a dormant social media account from the ‘blockbuster’ one is INTEGRITY.

You need to capitalize much on this since integrity will yield trust. And once people have impeccable trust in your brand, you will definitely increase your social media followers in no time. 

But some might be confronted with doubts about the effective ways to build integrity online.

Well, you can build integrity if you practice honesty.

Just try to upload content that really reflects what you can provide to the people.

To solidify your claim, you can also include videos or transcribed interviews of people who already tried your products or services.

Remember that you don’t need to sound salesy if you want to increase your social media followers.


Building integrity is more than enough! In fact, a study revealed that around 50% of the Millenials considered the ‘brand’ as the primary consideration in availing an item.

Meaning to say, the young generation doesn’t purchase a product because they just merely like it but because they have full trust in it.

Interlink With Different Platforms

If you want to capture more social media followers, another best way to do it is by linking your profile with other platforms.

The main reason why you need to connect with other platforms is to disseminate your profile.

You need to make sure that your social media account is indeed noticeable online.

Always remember that once you follow a particular page, people who already liked that page will also see your profile under the ‘follower’s list,’ thus increasing your chance of getting more likes.

Some social media platforms even have built-in tabs intended for targeting specific demographics. These sites are using an intuitive algorithm to fetch relevant suggestions.

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Once you determine the groups and pages that are relevant to your social media accounts, it will be easier for you to connect to them. To get the best turnout, you can prioritize connecting with news-related pages.

This is because a stunning 40% of the netizens preferred to follow pages that are producing news content. 

Share Another Brand’s Content

To increase your social media followers, sharing content from other brands is also a good idea.

In fact, this is like hitting two birds in one stone. Why?

Because sharing external posts will not only keep your account active, but you will also save a lot. Sharing of relevant content means that you will not anymore spend for content writers.

Just make sure that you credit the original owner of the post to avoid plagiarism calls. 

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However, uploading posts from other sites must be done squarely. Your social media accounts must not contain reposted content only.

In other words, you must also produce original content from time to time.

This way, your followers will know that bots do not completely run your social media accounts.

Community Engagement

Sharing your opinion towards the different issues in society is also an effective tweak to boost your social media presence.

There is no doubt that you will get tons of engagements and likes if you keep your voice heard in the community.

In the United States alone, a total of 900 million people are chatting community issues on different online groups.

This is a huge number that you must capitalize on if you want more and more people to notice your social media accounts.

Upload content that shares your voice with the different current events, not only in your locality but on the international scale. You can also post comments from time to time to express your belief.

Just make sure that you include a link of your social media accounts in your comment to route further engagements.

After Lunch Posts

A research confirmed that people preferred to read posts from different social media accounts from 3 p.m. to 1 a.m.


Thus, if you want to maximize the organic reach of your content, make sure you post it after launch.

But posting at this time frame is not enough if your content is not engaging.

So, you can only expect the best turnout of your post if it is well-crafted and, of course, made available after launch!

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Don’t Talk About Yourself

Make sure that your posts are not talking about yourself. Why? Because this will just annoy readers.

Nobody wants to read a lengthy post that’s made only for self-service, right?

So, to get more social media followers, make sure that all of your content is informative.

Based on Rutgers University’s study, social media posts that are informative got a 2x efficiency rate in enticing readers.

So, maybe it’s about time for you to change the point of view of your posts.

Don’t always say ‘I,’ it is better if you say ‘we’


Doing this will make readers understand that you are indeed sympathetic to them. And that your social media accounts do not just exist out of pure business!

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These are the seven hacks that are proven to skyrocket your social media followers in a very short period of time.

So, start using these tips as your guide in managing your social media accounts.

These tips are more than enough for you to upload social media posts that counts!