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How to install Qualzz code in Wix

How to install Qualzz code in Wix

Follow these steps to setup Qualzz on your Wix website

  • Log in to your Qualzz account.
  • You find the Tracking Code Button beside Company/Website fields in the Campaigns page.
  • Now, the tracking code is greyed out, but once when you paste the tracking code in your Wix website then the button color will change and will be activated.

  • Click on tracking code button, a page with code is displayed.
  • Either select the code and press right click to copy or simply click on the “copy to clipboard” button beside the code.

  • Next, Login into your Wix account
  • Go to your Site Manager under Site menu and click on it

  • You will be navigated to Site Manager Dashboard
  • Click Manage Website on the left.
  • Click Tracking & Analytics

  • Click +New Tool and select Custom from the dropdown.

  • Next, paste your Qualzz Tracking code and select the relevant domain.

Note: This option will appear only if you have multiple domains

  • Enter a name for your code
  • Add code to pages: select which pages to add your code to:
    • All pages: Click the dropdown to select an option
    • Load code once (Default option) with this option, your tracking code is loaded once.
    • Load code on each new page.
    • Choose specific pages: Begin typing the name of the relevant pages and then click the checkbox next to the relevant page.
  • Select head under Place code in
  • Click Apply.