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- What is Qualzz ?

Qualzz is a trusted tool and used by online stores, websites and businesses across the web. It allows you to design and target pop-ups, banners, sidebars and opt-in-forms to increase website conversion rate, capture leads, drive immediate sales and increase online revenue.

- Do you have a free trial ?

We offer 14 days free trial, however once free trial is ended you need to upgrade to keep using Qualzz.

- How much does Qualzz cost ?

Qualzz offers a free trial with all the paid plans for more advanced features and email marketing. See pricing page for more details.

- What payment types do you support ?

We accept all major credit cards and payments made through PayPal.

- How is Qualzz better than other popup service providers ?

Many of our competitors offer a basic pop up tool for capturing new email addresses. Qualzz goes beyond what those tools have to offer, including a wide variety of display types, a simple and easy to use template editor that enables you to custom design your own pop ups so that they align with your brand and website, create and schedule automated multi-variant campaigns to choose highly converting design. Qualzz also provides advanced campaign targeting options based on exit intent, scroll time, device type, location, campaign scheduling and number of visits.

- Can I handle multiple websites with one account ?

Yes. We do offer multiple websites per account. For more information, Please visit our pricing page. Multiple websites are organized according to an Company. This makes it easy to manage websites that your company owns in Qualzz.

- Do I have to sign along term contract ?

No. There are no long term contracts or commitments. You simply pay month-to-month or yearly. If you cancel, you’ll be billed for the current month only.

- Who uses Qualzz ?

Qualzz is a great solution for internet marketers, bloggers, ecommerce websites and all other small businesses. If you want to grow your email subscribers, then Qualzz highly targeted pop ups, banners, bars will increase your online sales and improve your conversions.

- What should I do if I have issues logging in to Qualzz ?

Qualzz users have a unique user login and password. Given that it’s possible to forget your account credentials, or otherwise get locked out, here are some tips to help you regain access to your account.

Clearing your cache:

Depending on which browser you choose to use (Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.), clearing your browsing history can improve many login issues.

Logging in from another browser:

Sometimes browsers don’t want to cooperate, try logging in from a different one (Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.) to see if it’s something browser specific.

Resetting your password:

To reset your Qualzz password, you can try clicking the “Forgot password” link from Signin page, which will redirect you to Password Reset Page.

- How do I contact support ?

You can reach Qualzz support team by email at

- What is exit intent ?

Exit Intent is the name for the “exiting” mouse movement of a website visitor that triggers a popup message on the screen. With exit intent, you can initiate a popup to grab the attention of the visitor while leaving the website.

- How many display campaigns can I create and run at a time ?

No matter which plan you are on you can create and launch as many displays as you want. But, at a minimum we recommend running a welcome popup and exit popup when you are getting started.

- How does exit intent work ?

Exit Intent works by tracking the user’s mouse position and triggering a campaign as the mouse approaches the top of the browser window indicating that the user is intended to navigate away from your site.

- My campaign appeared once in my browser and now I can't get it in to load. How do I fit it ?

If you interacted with the campaign when it first loaded by closing it, ignoring it or successfully adapting, it is possible to happen sometimes that the cookies for your campaign are preventing it from displaying again on the browser. To see the campaign again on your website page, clear your browser’s cookies and once when you have done that, the campaign should load again as it was displayed before. To learn more about how our cookies work, please take a moment to review our docs. Still, if your campaign does not load for you after clearing the cookies, please contact us for further debugging the issue.

- Do I need coding skills to use Qualzz ?

No, Qualzz is super simple and easy to use for anyone. Our editor lets you customize professional looking popups without writing a single line of code. If you get stuck, our support will assist you for free.

- How do I export email addresses collected with my campaign from Qualzz ?

You can export all the information you collect from your campaigns through Qualzz.

- I still have a question, How do I contact you ?

To schedule a FREE PRODUCT DEMO send us an email to – we’ll be more than happy to assist you.