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The most powerful platform


Drag 'n' Drop Builder

Create beautiful, high converting pop-ups in minutes. Take complete control of your branding and messaging with Qualzz’s easy to use drag-and-drop design canvas

Design page Website

Customizable elements

Add elements by simple drag and drop and customize according to your needs

Professionally designed templates

Select from the list of highly converting professionally designed templates

Design your own template

Create your own pop up templates from scratch using our drag and drop builder

Multipage Popups

Qualzz offers the ability to multi-layer popups based on areas of interest, making it more likely those visitors will subscribe



Dashboard provides a central location to monitor and analyze performance, displays key metrics and data points to help your business grow

Fully customizable dashboard

Customize to monitor and analyze operational metrics to meet the specific needs of your business
Real-time visitor tracking
View your online visitors on a map from around the world in real-time

Futuristic campaign calendar

Qualzz provides a holistic view all your active campaigns in a calendar format

Monitor multiple websites

With just a toggle you can view the statistical data of all your websites in the dashboard


Our analytics will show you which campaigns are performing best to help you optimize accordingly. Identify top-performing opt-in forms for your promotions and pinpoint where to focus your marketing efforts
calendar website

Campaign Types

Personalized exitintent popup

Lead generation

Boost your mailing list with a pop up websites aimed at encouraging visitors to give you the information they need

Cookie tracking

Fine-tune your personalization with custom cookie targeting campaigns

Product sales

Cross-sell your high margin products to your existing customers and increase sales

Cart abandonment

Track your visitor’s mouse movements and trigger exciting offers upon sensing cart abandonment

Special discounts

Reward your returning customers by offering special discounts in a timely manner

Limited time offers

Provide limited time offers to your customers and create urgency to make purchases

Popup Designs

Lightbox popup

lightbox popup with overlay is the most effective and popular way to grow your email list

Notification bar

Notification bar can be added at the top or bottom of a screen can offer important information to visitors

Full-screen popup

Create a full-screen interstitial with a call to action that can’t be ignored

Countdown timer

Use urgency to boost your sales and conversions using countdown timers

Mobile Specific Popups

As smartphones and tablets become increasingly prominent, Qualzz provides Mobile popups


Sidebars are an excellent way to build your mailing list and boost sales
Popup sizes

Campaign Triggers

Qualzz popup

On landing

Make the pop-up widget appear as soon as the visitor visits the website

On exit

Exit Tracking senses when a visitor is leaving your page and allows for a popup window to be displayed with a special offer

On click or Hover

Make the discount popup appear when a visitor clicks or hovers on a specific element on your site


Make the widget appear after a visitor  spend the specified amount of time on the page

On scroll

Make the signup popup appear when a visitor scrolls the page down to a certain position

After the number of pages

Make the widget appear after a visitor browsed the specified number of pages

Campaign Targeting

Campaign Scheduling

Run time-sensitive campaigns during specific dates and times.

Geo location-based targeting

Design and target discount pop-ups based on specific Geolocation

Visitor type control

With Returning Visitor Recognition you get a second chance to convert that visitor into a customer

Delay scheduling

Show your campaign at the right time to boost conversions

Page display control

Customize your campaigns based on the page or section of your website.

Device type of control

Create unique campaigns for desktop, tablets, and mobile devices.
Target website 1

Advanced Features

Qualzz stats

A/B Testing

Test how small changes in the offer affect conversion by A/B testing. Learn what your audience prefers to convert more visitors.


Analyze your audience preferences with built-in analytics. Use the stats to adjust offers and targeting rules.

Email Notifications

Schedule daily, weekly email notifications on the campaign performance

Professional designed templates

Feel free to play with our unique, preloaded design templates to streamline your campaigns superfast. These eye-catching pop-ups are ready to engage your visitors.


Grab your visitors’ attention with stunning display effects. Unique popup actions can leave a lasting impression of visitors and translate to better retargeting overall.