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How to design a pop-up template

How to design a Pop-up template

  • Creating First Welcome Pop Up

Creating a Qualzz campaign that is shown to new visitors when they land on your website is the first step towards increasing your signups.

The foremost thing you need to decide is whether you want to offer a discount as an incentive for people signing up, Surveys, or just in general.

Let`s get started with your campaign creation –

  • To create a campaign in Qualzz, go to the Home Screen.
  • Create your company name and website name, then click on the icon of the campaign.
  • When Clicked on campaigns, you are navigated to create a campaign screen

Create campaign in Qualzz

  • Next, click Create Campaign
  • You will be navigated to the page where you can select a Campaign type relevant to your goal

Popup campaign types

  • Press the option continue to view the templates available

Email signup templates

You can create a new campaign from scratch or select the template of your choice, hover over the template to preview, and then select the button that says Load Template.

  • Type in a name for your new campaign into the Campaign name

Hint: Give a Descriptive title to your campaign that other users on your account can easily understand and click on create campaign button.


  • Click on Create Campaign button, you will be redirected to the design screen.
  • The new campaign is created and you are redirected to the design page, where you can design your templates from scratch.

Popup design 1

  • The center of the page display’s the popup selected on the canvas space where you will design your template
  • On the left side, you will find various available icons under the “Elements”. To add the elements, Drag and drop these elements on the popup canvas
  • The top right-hand shows the buttons “Back” and “Next”, these buttons can be used to navigate within the designer. This navigation also acts as a “Save”
  • The bottom section displays “Pages”, we can copy the design from one page to another and design a series of multiple opt-in forms for better conversions

To edit an element on the popup, just click on it and an edit panel is displayed on the left.

Edit form field

  • All the available edit options are grouped together in sections, select the relevant option to edit

To customize and edit the design click on the elements, select the back button for the elements to add any new Fields, Images, Text, or add any buttons and more which you want to show.