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How to design a pop-up template

How to design a Pop-up template

  • Creating First Welcome Pop Up

Creating a Qualzz campaign that is shown to new visitors when they land on your website is the first step towards increasing your signups.

The foremost thing you need to decide is whether you want to offer a discount as an incentive for people signing up, Surveys, or just in general.

Once you know what you want to offer, login to Qualzz and click on “Create Campaign“at the top right of your screen.

  • Name Your Campaign

First, you want to name your campaign. This is a name that only you will see so make it noticeable. When clicked on “Create Campaign“, you will be navigated to next screen where you have to click on new campaign and name it. When you are done, click create campaign.


The new campaign is created and you are redirected to the design page, where you can design your templates from scratch.

pop ups templates

The center of the page which is grey in color is the space where you will design your template. On the left side you will find an “eye “icon which is for preview and is marked in yellow.

Below that you find + symbol “which is for elements, when clicked all the available elements are visible and it is marked in red. The one which is marked in blue is for to choose a templates.

On the right side, you will find three icons marked in green are for Desktop, Tablet, Mobile options.

  • Choose a Template

When clicked on “Create Campaign“, you are navigated to templates screen.

pop ups templates

Here you will first choose what you want to use from the available templates. For a welcome campaign, select a popup and then focus on signups. From the listed templates, look and choose one that is close to your branding and then customize it accordingly. OR

You selected a template to design and later you want to replace the chosen template and choose another template then you can click on the template icon    in the design screen which will navigate you to the templates screen.

  • Customize your popuppop ups templatesOn Page 1, the welcome template is viewed. When clicked on the + icon, the elements bar appears on the left of your screen, you can edit any of the text and colors, add images, change the background-size and image, add social links and buttons, and many more. Before moving on to the next step, we recommend you to review. On page 2, the signup template is viewed. On this page also when clicked on + icon, the elements bar appears where you can edit the template.pop ups templates
  • Customize the thank you pagepop ups templates

On the Page3, the Thank you template is viewed. Once someone has filled out your form they will be sent to your thank you page.

To customize and edit the design click on the + icon on the left side for the elements bar to add any new links or images, edit the text, or add any buttons and more which you want to show.

Note: In paid subscriptions, you can also choose to automatically redirect a visitor to new page or close the window, instead of showing the thank you page.