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How to redirect visitors through pop-up


    How to redirect the visitors through popup

    You can set different button events for the campaigns depending on the action to take place when a user clicks on the button on popup.

    • You can find the button event if you click on the +icon in the elements as “Add Button”
    • If you select it as Next, then the Thank you page will be displayed when someone clicks on the button of the campaign.
    • If Redirect is selected, it will let you add a URL and whenever someone clicks on the button, then they will be redirected to that page.
    • If selected Close, then that means the popup will disappear when someone clicks on the close button.
    • If selected submit, then the details you entered in the text boxes on the popup will get submitted to that site.
    • You can style your button events by giving background color, border color, style and corner rounding.