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How to add a tab feature to a popup

How to add a Teaser or Corner tab feature to a popup

A corner tab acts as a teaser for the original popup. This is a subtle way of convincing website visitors to perform the desired action.

On a corner of a webpage, a teaser has displayed and when a user clicks the teaser the actual pop-up is displayed. This form of pop-up converts pretty well and does not hamper the user experience.

 Here we will learn how to set up a tab that should appear on all pages or some selected pages.

  • Form the list of campaigns, select the “Edit” option for the pop-up we want to change the background image

Edit pop-up design

  • The canvas designer screen is opened with the pop-up displayed, on the left panel select the Settings tab and select the “Teaser settings”


  • The dropdown shows 2 options Font and Teaser settings.
    • Under the Font, we can add the Teaser text, Tab color, and Text color
    • Within the Teaser settings, we can select the Teaser style and Position

Teaser font

Teaser style and position

  • Select “Next” to save the settings and activate the pop-up to view the teaser on the website

popup teaser on the website