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Popup Designs

In today’s world, popups are the best way to improve website conversions. Designing a great website popup designs is very important to keep the visitors hooked, motivated and engage.

Depending on the website visitors personas one can design the popups to align with the identity of the website.

There are many components which go in to the popup designs like Call to action button, Copy, Color, Images and Size. The perfect combination of these components in a popup will effectively increase the conversions.

Let’s go ahead a see the different pop ups templates we can create using Qualzz.

Exit-Intent popups

Exit intent popup is triggered when the website visitor is about to leave. It is the last-ditch effort to show the users an exciting offer and convert them into customers.

These popup designs are less intriguing to the visitors and do not distract them as long as they are hooked through the journey.

Exit Intent example

Email & Newsletter popups

The evolution of the pop up design ideas became popular by the fact that they are widely used across to email capturing signups from website visitors. These are very effective in fulfilling the email marketing for business.

The email pop ups design and newsletter popup design examples are quite popular amount digital marketers.

Today’s growth marketers understand the importance of being in touch with their visitors and customers. Through the emails they are constantly providing value by sending weekly newsletters which resonate their brand image.

Light Box Popup

Lightbox popups are very attractive as the background is dimmed thus elevating the popup. Most e-commerce and SAAS business use these pop ups design to capture the attention of the visitor.

The conversions are great with these types of pop ups websites as the visitor’s focus is solely on the popup.

Video Popup

Create a video popup to attract the attention of your website visitors. You can add your Vimeo or Youtube videos in the popup designs and show them to users at an appropriate time and improve your conversions. Create a well pop up design for project.

A couple of use cases could be showing help videos to your existing customers, showing demo videos to new visitors, and displaying customer testimonial videos as social proof.

Video popup

Full-screen/Overlay Popup

Full-screen pop-ups or Welcome mat popups are the most aggressive popup designs used by the marketers. These pop-up design templates cover the complete screen and force the visitor to act on the call to action intended in it.

The timing of the popups trigger is very important in determining the conversions. Showing these pop ups design when the visitor’s lands on the website can cause displeasure and tend to annoy the visitors thus damaging the reputation.

Personalized exitintent popup

Mobile Popup

M-commerce, or mobile commerce, involves shopping through a mobile device. With the increase of smartphone adoption and increase in screen sizes the M-commerce sales are set to increase drastically.

Insider Intelligence forecasts that m-commerce will reach $284 billion, or 45% of the total U.S. e-commerce market, by the end of 2020.

Beautiful design for high converting mobile popup to capture email signupss

Feedback Popup

Collecting feedback from your website visitors is an important part of the continuous improvement process. A lot of SAAS companies leverage these feedback popup designs to gather feedback from their existing customers regularly.

Be it a bug, improvements, or feature suggestions. Feedback pop ups design assist the companies to gather this information.

Ebook Popup

Offering eBooks in return for email id’s is another popular way used by many SAAS companies. The eBooks promise to offer value to it’s website visitors.

In order to capture these emails we will have to create eBook popups.

Ebook popup

Discount Popup

E-commerce stores increase their sales and revenue using these discount popups effectively. There are many discount sale methods used in the online world to entice visitors to convert into customers.

Some methods are more aggressive and some very subtle and the conversion rate of the discount popups depends on the components used to convince your visitors.

Adding urgency to your copy drastically improves the revenues.

Discount popup

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