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Increase your conversions by 20% using exit Intent popups

An exit intent popups is the means used on various websites and online stores to keep potential customers hooked on when they are about to leave the website. A popup is shown to online users with exciting offers to keep the visitors motivated when they are trying to leave the website.

This kind of pop-up is typically found at the checkout page on e-commerce sites. These pop ups are used effectively to reduce the cart abandonment rate where the industry average is just less than 70%.

Exit Intent example

What is exit intent?

An exit intent popup is a method used by many websites and online stores to keep the customers engaged who are about to leave the page without performing the desirable action.

Exit Intent Popups come in many different formats depending on the user’s browser and the content of the webpage.

An exit-intent popup, which appears when the user’s mouse moves towards the top of the browser to exit the page, may convert some of those abandoning visitors into subscribers or customers by simply giving them a good irresistible final offer.

Personalized exitintent popup

Exit-intent information

Create exit-intent popup

If you have been using your website for some time now, then I am sure that by now you have noticed the importance of creating the best exit-intent popup. But how do you make it so great? Read on to discover how to make a good exit popup that will draw in more traffic and convert them into sales.

10 exit-intent hacks to get more sales

At Qualzz, we are continually searching for better approaches to get progressively out of your exit-intent popups.

We are building up a set-up of on-location retargeting tools to convert your visitors to buyers and supporters. Here you will get the top 10 exit-intent tips to get more sales.

Best Exit intent examples and templates

Are you thinking to create effective exit intent popups templates for converting website visitors into buyers?

Here we share the best exit intent examples and high converting headlines with you.

Exit-intent popup usecases

Newsletter signup

Entice your website visitors to signup for your newsletter. Engage them by sending emails packed with value and offers. Increase brand loyalty which will drive them to make purchases on your website.

Seasonal discount offers

Create pop ups websites with seasonal offers catering to special occasions like Christmas, Black Friday, New Year, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day & Father’s Day. Inform your website visitors about these offers and persuade them to make buying decisions.

Grow your revenue

Provide a relevant product offers to your website visitors by cross-selling and upselling the items. This will drive the psychological drive to make purchases.

Reduce cart abandonment

Create a exit intent popup with an enticing discount offer and set up a trigger to show when someone is about to leave your cart without finishing the purchase. This can compel your visitors to complete their purchases in the store.

Collect feedback

Collect feedback from your website visitors and use the data quantitatively to improve your customer’s satisfaction and improve brand loyalty.

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