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Exit-Intent Popups

Exit-Intent popup headlines to convert more

Popup’s work like a charm.

They have been existent since way back and are here to stay for long. Exit-Popup works even better and is very effective in terms of improving the conversions.

You know the benefits of using them and the different types of popups that exist and you could use.

But when it comes to creating one for your site ….you are dumbstruck and have no idea where to start.

These questions might be haunting you –
    • “What words should we use?”
    • “What headline will perform best?”
    • “Will my exit-intent popup convert better and drive sales?”
Let’s take a minute to look at the most important factor which drives the success of your popup campaign.
The biggest conversion factor and the starting point in any popup creation is the headline.
50% of the site visitors close the popup after reading the headline alone.
So, it is imperative to have a catchy headline that hooks the attention of the website visitors.
In this article, I will talk about 5 different forms of headlines you could start using to create Exit-intent popups.

Basic rules to write a catchy headline

There are certain basic rules that will help you to write a great popup headline that converts great. Keep these rules in mind when drafting out exit-intent popup headlines.
Keep it short:
A visitor has an attention span of 1 second when you show a popup, especially when he is about to leave your website.
Use short, simple, and clear text in your popup to get your message conveyed to your visitors in less than a second. Generally, keeping your popup headline 5-6 words works really well in terms of conversions.

Set clear expectations:

Do not indulge in click baits.
It might work to capture your visitor’s attention in the short run but in the long run, this tactic destroys trust. Make sure to convey the correct message and set accurate expectations for your visitors.


Human beings are emotional creatures.
We are motivated and activated by emotions.
They drive our behaviors and automatically tell us what is important and unimportant.
Use emotional words like Free offer, Exclusive, Get Reward, Don’t lose, Improve while drafting your headlines.

Create Urgency:

60% of millennials make reactive purchases because of FOMO.

Create a sense of urgency to nudge your visitors into taking action. Your visitors might be motivated enough to make a buying decision but they might not need your product immediately.
Creating a sense of urgency by adding a deadline or using time-sensitive offers can provide that extra nudge your visitors might need to click the CTA.
Using words like Offer expires tomorrow, Last chance to grab the offer, Limited time only can work wonders.

Tailor your CTA:

Your call-to-action button needs to be very specific.
The copy on the CTA button should clearly explain what the visitors will receive.
Use words that clearly specifies the offer – “Download our free guide”, ” Get discount code”, “Join free for a month”
Now that we have looked at the basic rules of writing catchy headlines, let’s move ahead and look at high converting headlines used by marketers around the world

1. Wait! we have a special gift for you

The exit-intent popup is triggered at a point when your website visitor decides to leave your site.

He has made his decision to leave and is about to close the page.

At this point, you ask him to ……. Wait

The user immediately resonates and thinks for a second before taking further action as we are aligning to his thought process of leaving the website.

It is in our human nature to pay attention to commands, instructions even though we don’t act on them.

This gives you a chance to persuade your visitors again.

And it works.

Below are the different examples to use with-
    • Wait! Get your free copy today!
    • Wait! Get Ebook for free
    • Wait! Let’s stay in touch
    • Wait! this is crazy
    • Wait! Do you want 25% off your order today?

Example exit-intent popups using the headline – Wait!

Exit-intent popup offering free ebook


Exit-intent popup offering coupon code

2. Before you go!

This headline is a great way to stop visitors from going away from your website.

Using words like Wait, Stop are a bit commanding whereas Before you go is more persuasive.

There are many use cases where you can use this word in your copy. You might want to sell your ebook, offer a discount code, or capture email signups.

I would like to stress the importance of A/B testing.

We never know which headline works well for your audience so always experiment with different headlines and monitor the results to know which works better.

We can use these formats –
    • “BEFORE YOU GO” Learn how to become a successful marketer
    • “BEFORE YOU GO” Download our popular marketing templates
    • “Wait, BEFORE YOU GO” Signup to get this free ebook
Use this word effectively and notice the conversions skyrocketing.
Example exit-intent popups using the headline – Before you go! 
Exit-intent popup example

3. Last Chance

Nobody wants to miss the last chance. Using the “Last Chance” word in your exit-intent popup copy will create a FOMO factor.

This fear of missing out on an opportunity triggers dopamine in the human brain and triggers an emotional behavior.

Harvard business school professor Gerald Zaltman says that 95% of our purchasing decision making takes place in the subconscious mind.

Emotion is what really drives purchasing behaviors and also decision making in general.

This study clearly states that using the FOMO factor you can convert the visitor into a customer.

Here are a couple of ways you can use this word-
    • Last chance to grab this deal
    • Last chance to enroll for this course
    • Last chance! 20% discount on all products ends tomorrow

Example exit-intent popups using the headline – Last chance

Exit intent popup last chance

4. Want a “Free Gift”

I can strongly say that this is the most widely used persuasive copy word used by many marketers around the world.

You will come across the word “Want” in more than 30% of the pop-ups.

Be it a SAAS, Blog, or an e-commerce store – every business uses this word to drive sales.

Here are some examples to refer to-
    • Want to reveal your exclusive discount?
    • Want to unlock “__%” discount
    • Want to try for free
    • Want “__%” off your next order?
    • Want to win a free iPhone?
    • Want all our sales templates, scripts
    • Want to save 10% on your entire order today?
    • Want to learn how to get 5000 subscribers for free?

Example exit-intent popups using the headline – Want to

Exit intent popup

Exit intent popup

5. Don’t miss

Here is another FOMO word – “DON’T MISS” or “DON’T LEAVE”.

Do you want to miss a great offer or an opportunity?
I don’t want to miss it.
Likewise, every human being does not want to miss an opportunity.
This brings in another great persuasive word you can use in your exit-intent popup copy.

There are studies that indicate that this word does not perform well for email marketing but you can use this on your popups and monitor the performance.

Use the below FOMO words to suit your offer-
    • Don’t miss out on this opportunity!
    • Don’t miss it! Get the free gift now
    • Don’t leave $25 behind!

Example exit-intent popups using the headline – Don’t

Exit intent example

Exit intent popup example with don't miss

6. We hate to see you go

This is an example of an emotional copy that tells the visitor how you are feeling emotionally upon his decision to leave your website.

You are trying to persuade the visitor with an emotional statement.
When used with an irresistible offer and value this copy tends to convert well
Below are some usages-
    • We hate to see you go so soon…. take 20% off
    • We hate to see you go…. but we’d love to give you 10% off this order

Example exit-intent popups using the headline – We hate to see

Exit-Intent popups

Headlines for inspiration

Let us look at some headlines per category which you can use effectively to suit your campaign offering.

Promotional Headlines

  1. Get a $50 gift card
  2. Take 10% off your first order
  3. Sign up now to receive 20% off your next purchase
  4. Enter your email for a special discount
  5. Join our email list and get free shipping today
  6. Get 25% off your first purchase

Urgency Headlines

  1. Grab 20% off. This purchase only!
  2. Check out our exclusive offers – only for a limited time!
  3. The sale ends in 30 minutes
  4. Free shipping if you complete your purchase within 15 minutes
  5. Only 10 spots left in our email marketing webinar
  6. Free shipping on orders over $100. Offer valid only today
  7. Sign up for our newsletter to get 20% off

Email List-Building Headlines

  1. Sign up for the beauty tips you won’t want to miss!
  2. Subscribe to our newsletter and get our marketing guide for FREE
  3. Before you go… Grab your free eBook
  4. Join thousands of customers already enjoying high conversions
  5. Enter your email for your chance to win
  6. Join now for an exclusive offer by invitation only
  7. Get your free membership today!
  8. Don’t miss out on our amazing offers!
  9. Sign up to receive your promo code
  10. Signup now for a chance to enter our private club
  11. Get this crazy good deal by invitation only
  12. Get the latest tips from top influencers
  13. Get free instant access

Question Headlines

  1. What are you waiting for?
  2. Are you ready to boost your sales?
  3. Do you want to increase your revenue?
  4. Are you ready? Get your bonus right now!
  5. Leaving so soon? We just wanted to give you 30% off…


What works best for your website is something you need to figure out based on your visitor’s personas. This can be achieved by continuously testing various headlines and monitoring the results.
These headlines coupled with the best offers you can provide to your customers will certainly help to increase conversions.