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Top 9 Must Needed Tools to run Your E-commerce Store 2020

Opening an E-commerce store is a sure way to double your profit in no time.

A study conducted last year revealed that the accumulated sales of E-commerce industries in the United States skyrocketed to more than $500 billion.

Another study confirmed that the E-commerce industry around the world recorded an overwhelming 36.8% of annual revenue in 2018.

Thus, you will never go wrong if you engage in an e-commerce business.

But despite these data and proofs, you cannot just be too complacent.

You cannot just create your E-commerce store and rely on everything on faith.

For you to thrive in the e-commerce business, you need to work hard and even master some tweaks.

And one of the tricks for you to become successful in running your e-commerce store is employing some of the best e-commerce tools in the market today.

Take a look at these nine tools that you can use to successfully run your e-commerce store this 2019.

1. Qualzz:

If you want a tool that is specially designed to increase the conversion rate of your website, then you must install Qualzz.

This e-commerce tool runs a battery of applications that are effective in enticing website visitors and to convince them to become ‘real’ clients.

In other words, if you use Qualzz, your online revenue will increase in a very short period.

2. GrooveHQ:

If you want to capitalize much on customer service, this e-commerce tool is perfect for you.

You need to make sure that your e-commerce store got the best brand of customer service- you can do it by using the GrooveHQ platform.

You must not underestimate customer service since this aspect can actually make or unmake your business.

In fact, according to the NewVoiceMedia report, e-commerce platforms sustained a $75 billion loss merely due to bad customer service.

Using this platform, you can quickly build a lasting customer relationship, and you can address the client’s concerns right away.

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3) BigCommerce:

This tool is used for creating e-commerce store websites.

But what makes this tool a must-have in your bucket list is that it is also capable of managing several sales channels under a single dashboard.

Indeed, this makes your job more comfortable since you don’t anymore need to hover to other tabs from time to time just to see the status of a particular product or service.

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4) ClickMeeting:

Since the advent of technology becomes more inclusive nowadays, we cannot avoid hiring remote people.

Aside from cutting the cost of renting or building a physical structure (to be used as an office), you will also have the chance of finding the most talented people if you search online.

The ClickMeeting will help you connect with people from the other parts of the world.

ClickMeeting works best if you want to conduct meetings with your remote employees, or even virtually talk to some of your customers in some instances.

This tool is also a vital medium if you want to hold webinars.

You will never regret it if you run a series of webinars since about 40% of the people who enrolled in webinars turned out to become legitimate clients.

You can also run ClickMeeting to help you broadcast or disseminate your services online. 

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5) Oberlo:

Another great tool that you can partner with your e-commerce store is the Oberlo.

This platform is actually a type of marketplace.

Oberlo helps both small and medium e-commerce stores to scale up their drop shipping operations.

This intuitive application will help you find a specific product and send it over directly to your clients.

In other words, if you use Oberlo, you don’t anymore need to focus much on the operations of your e-commerce store since Oberlo will do this for you!

6) Talkable:

There is no doubt that the referral system is effective in promoting products and services.

Based on a study conducted by Ambassador, e-commerce businesses worldwide got $155, 000 average financial turnouts in referral marketing.

This number is indeed huge.

That is why you need to use a platform that masters the referral system- and that’s what Talkable is all about.

It will help you in designing referral programs that will target clients from all walks of life. You can also customize a particular referral program to make it suited to your preferred market.

7) KIT:

This platform is used to manage the social media accounts of your e-commerce store.

KIT is capable of creating dynamic advertisements and automatically updates your social media connections with engaging content.

This application is indeed user-friendly since you can manage this through Messenger.

In other words, even the not-so-techy person can use KIT.

So, if you want a reliable virtual marketing tool with an easy interface, KIT is what you need!


Push notifications are effective in drawing more and more clients to avail of your services and products.

And this is the specialization of PUSHOWL.

This application automatically informs your clients when there’s a price cut, abandoned cart, and other jaw-dropping promotions.

Aside from its effectiveness in running push notifications, you will never have a hard time using PUSHOWL since this can be operated both on desktop and smartphone.

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If you are searching for the best chatbot to answer all the queries of your clients, then the GOBOT is what you need.

This is an application that specialized in running conversations with people.

Aside from sending auto-responses, GOBOT has also the capability to convert visitors to become customers.

It is even used to boost your email list and subscribers.

These are the nine of the best e-commerce tools that you can use to keep your e-commerce store ahead of its competitors. You just have to evaluate these tools and determine what’s best for your business.

Always remember that when you couple the right e-commerce tool alongside with your e-commerce store, there’s no doubt that you will become the next e-commerce tycoon soon!