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Web push
notifications for
desktop and mobile

Acquire, Engage and Grow your audience.
Encourage revisits to your website with personalized notifications they will love. 

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Web Push use cases

Create attractive notifications and engage your subscribers

Personalize Notifications

Add custom user properties to push notifications that increases engagement

Add Icons

Custom icons and logos can be for the user to know notification is from you

Use CTA’s

Add a CTA to each notification and drive the user to a specific landing page

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Add Banner Image

Use powerful visuals to attract users attention and boost CTR’s

Your Own Branding

Build brand recall by customizating the badge according to brand

Emojis For Emotions

Make use of emojis to envoke the desired emotion and communication

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A few reasons to choose Qualzz

Permission prompt

Increase your subscribers by designing the custom prompts and show them at the right time

Superior Segmentation

Segment your audience based on their attributes such as Sessions, Location, Device type, Browser, OS and User tag
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Analyze & Optimize

Superior analytics to track, analyze, and optimize your push notifications for better engagement