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How to install the Qualzz code in Drupal 7

How to install the Qualzz code on Drupal 7

You need to install the tracking code on your Drupal website to run the campaigns. For tracking code installation, you have to follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to your Qualzz Account
  • You find the Tracking Code Button beside Company & Website view in the Business settings page


Qualzz tracking code

  • Click on the tracking code button, a page with code is displayed.
  • Either select the code and press right-click to copy or simply click on the “copy to clipboard” button beside the code.


Qualzz popup tracking code

Install the tracking code into your Drupal website

  • Log in to your Drupal admin
  • In the upper menu, click “Structure”

  • Click on “Blocks”

  • Select “Add block”

  • Enter a block description (eg. Qualzz block), paste your code and select “Full HTML” in Text format.

  • On the same page, select “Footer” and scroll down to the page, click on “Save block”

  • Check the setup using Chrome or Firefox
  • Activate the campaign to see if the pop-ups are showing up on the website