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Popup Video Best Practices - The 2021 Edition

Video demo popup

Videos are considered to be one of the most powerful mediums to attract an audience.


A video creates a connection between you and your audience on emotional grounds.

Brands all over the world are using innovative video pop ups to drive massive customer engagement. In a survey, 79% of participants mentioned influential videos by brands as a deciding factor that makes them buy from brands. On the other hand, 96% of participants mentioned explainer videos as a source to know more about the products.

Pop outs videos are a powerful force in the world of practical marketing. Although the idea of pop up videos has been hovering around for about a few years, what has become profusely clear in the last few years is that pop up videos are not only confined to the retail industry. In fact, there is a whole host of insanely innovative branded pop up videos popping up in markets around the world.

Therefore, it would be unwise not to look at the option of putting the power of popup videos to work to accelerate your business growth. However, they work only when done right.

Insanely Innovative Popup Video Best Practices

Let’s check out some insanely innovative popup video best practices that will not only inspire you but will persuade you to put the power of practical pop outs videos to work driving growth in your business.

So sit tight and see what pops out.

Appropriate Selection Of Screen Ratio

The use of screen ratio varies; for instance, the 1980×1080-screen ratio is used by about 20% of all internet users worldwide. This shows that Full High Definition resolution has been used on the screens of about a quarter of the population on the internet worldwide.

The ideal size for pop videos is the one that covers about 50% of the entire screen. This will provide sufficient structure of the popup with your basic content in the backdrop, and if you go beyond that size, your video becomes way bigger that might be meddling and forced for your viewers.

Conversely, the video will be too small if you select a size lesser than 50%, as viewers might not bother to click it.

Appropriately Time Up Your Video Pop Ups

One of the main misconceptions among marketers is that pop outs videos pop up should be the first thing viewers see on the landing page.

The launch time of your pop up video should be according to the type of website. There is no standard timing for the launch of a pop up video but launching it at the point when a customer is about to leave your website is most of the time effective.

It is good to customize your pop up video according to different events; for instance, heartwarming Christmas pop up video to display special Christmas discounts probably attracts customers more during the Christmas season.

Use The Light Box Effect Appropriately

Do you want your pop outs videos to become a floating video player?

Of course not!

A floating video gives the view that the audience can move around the website while the video is on, which is suitable for multitasking audiences considering their needs.

However, to maximize the effect of your pop up video, the background content should be darkened, which helps viewers focus on the video. For this purpose, the lightbox effect is used.

  • The use of a lightbox for pop-up videos will also let your viewers focus on the videos without any kind of distraction. When you use the lightbox effect, it will give framing to your video pop ups.
  • With a lightbox effect, you cannot only darken the background but also sift it with the color of your choice. For instance, you can filter your brand’s color to synchronize it with your brand’s color scheme.

Do Play Tricks With The Audience

One big mistake that can kill the purpose of your pop-out videos is to either keep the “close icon (X)” too small or place it unnoticeably.

One practice that can make your video pop ups do wonders for you is never force your audience, no matter how useful the video.

The strategy of making the audience watch your video pop up till the end might sound great, but it adversely affects their perceptions.

When the close button is clearly visible, it will give your audience a sense of control instead of feeling trapped. Making close icon clear makes it more of a choice, which is, of course, not intrusive?

Select The Right Platform For Your Pop Outs Videos Resourcing

There are various video hosting platforms that you can use, such as YouTube, Vimeo, and more. YouTube, with its more than 2 billion daily users in a month, is usually one of the most commonly used platforms for outsourcing your pop up videos.

But in practice, when you talk about business pop outs videos, YouTube is not the best platform because you cannot control ads. For example, you definitely do not want a soap ad in the middle of your video tutorial.

YouTube offers selected videos to watch upon the ending of the pop up video, which is another reason it is not a suitable platform for your video pop ups.

  • Therefore, use other platforms instead of YouTube, such as Vimeo or others that can illustrate your audience figures so you can observe the performance of your pop outs videos.
  • Platforms that do not show ads are best for your videos as they are not distractive, making your popup video more effective.
  • You also need to consider the price factor while deciding on the right platform as some are with subscription charges and others are free. Now it is your decision which one will do best for your videos.

Avoid Using The Function Of The Auto-Embed

Instead of using the auto-embed function, you should prefer installing a plug-in as the use of the former will make your audience exit the website by cutting short their engagement level.

Conversely, by installing a plug-in, the viewer can make adjustments in the popup video setting by staying on your website.

The best part of using plug-ins is that they are mostly free, so you can find the correct plug-in after trying many.

Use Image Or Text To Activate The Video Pop Ups

Time your pop outs videos when the audience notices a great image. This is because the audience likes to share images on social media more than text.

The audience will be redirected to your website as soon as they see the image, and then pop outs videos will appear to stop them by your site.

Moreover, pop outs videos can be an excellent big addition to your Instagram images.

How does it work?

The way Qualzz helps you create Video Popups is very simple. You just need to go through 3 simple steps, then you will be good to go.

  • Select the objective of the campaign, Qualzz offers the below 4 options
    • Collect Email id’s
    • Increase sales
    • Guide your visitors
    • Collect feedback
select popup type
  • Select a pre-made popup design from the dozens of high-converting templates that are ready to use at any given time.
Select popup templates
  • Make design changes to suit the target audience and your goals.
  • Select the text element and select the Video Embed option
  • Adjust the size and add your video embed code
Video popup example
  • Once the Video Popup is complete, you can schedule and activate the popup to display it on your website.
Publish campaign
  • Once you activate the campaign the Video popup displays on the website
Wordpress Video popup
  • Soon enough, it will help generate leads very quickly, and the results can be impressive every time.
View popup statistics

Why choose Qualzz?

There are multiple reasons why you want to use this platform. This is one of the most popular Video Popup solutions on the market, and it makes it easy for you to create any popup you want.

The entire process is fast and convenient, seamless and it allows you to fully personalize and optimize the popup for your brand.

On top of that, you are working with a drag and drop builder and have access to customizable elements and a great starting template. This way you will find it easier than ever to bring your ideas to life.

Qualzz dashboard offers you insights at the site level, the metrics will help you analyze the campaign performance against various behavior factors and provides an opportunity to improve them.

It’s also possible to create a variety of campaign types. This includes campaigns for product sales, cookie tracking, special discounts as well as cart abandonment or lead generation.

One can create the below-stated pop-up types,

  • LightBox
  • Video popups
  • Side Bars
  • Fullscreen
  • InlineNotification Bar
different popup formats

Qualzz offers amazing display options such as delayed scheduling, campaign scheduling, visitor type or device type control and even geo-location targeting.

All these options make your Video Popups a lot more reliable and efficient, while also pushing the user experience to the next level in a very professional manner.

You can also have access to advanced features like animations, email notifications, as well as statistics, A/B testing and numerous templates you can work with.

Qualzz dashboard

All of these make the experience very rewarding and powerful, and the quality will be second to none.

You do want to give Qualzz a try if you want to create a state of the art, stunning lightbox popups since it’s an incredibly powerful tool with amazing features and top of the line benefits you can always enjoy.

Can you use a Video Popup on any website?

Absolutely, the Video Popups are versatile and they can work for any kind of websites created in WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, Magento, Webflow….etc.

As long as you want to inform people or direct them towards a sales page, a Video widget can make a huge difference. It will encourage you to push the boundaries and bring in creative, powerful features for you to enjoy.

It works great for any industry too. After all, you always want to inform customers and keep them updated, so this approach can indeed make a huge difference more often than not.

It’s a very efficient tool for sales generation, and it also has a vast range of other use cases, as you can notice below.

Can Video Popup help you reduce cart abandonment?

Yes, with the right Video review widget, you will be able to initiate a pop-up and provide the buyer with the customer review videos that might change his mind.

Most of the time people end up abandoning their cart either because they are not sure about the product. This can help you immensely since any social proof can lead to conversions.

In the end, you will have more sales and customers will enjoy great value in the long term.

Video popout Use Cases

Every business owner creates Video Popups for different reasons. Sometimes you just need that in order to gain more clients. Or you just want to generate more exposure to new website features or products you are selling.

That’s why it’s important to know when, where and how you can boost the exposure properly and really make it stand out.

Here you can learn about some of the most popular use cases you can check out and access at this time.

Just try to take that into consideration, and you will find that it all works seamlessly and without a problem.

The above popup is an excellent example to showcase how the popups can be used to conduct surveys by offering a free gift within 15 seconds time interval.

  • Product demo
  • Customer testimonials
  • Explainer videos


If you are not using pop up videos, you are seriously missing a substantial number of excited customers as, according to a study, 90% of shoppers stated that a video helps them make a buying decision.

By following the practices explained in this short article, you can win the trust of your consumer, which is the key to the effectiveness of your pop outs videos.

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