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Popups That Drive Leads

7 Popups You’ll Ever Need To Drive More Leads And Sales

Adding a sales popup or a kind of a live sales notification to a website is one of the most effective ways to attract more visitors and make them stick around. Data shows that 98% of people visiting your site leave it with no action taken on their first visit. What’s is that there is no guarantee that they will be back again.

Now, you cannot convert every visitor on their first visit, but you can at least try to get their email information so you can market to those people in the future and make a sale. A popup can help do just that and more such as the instant recovery of an abandoned cart, up-sell, and cross-sell.

Sales popups utilize FOMO and social proof for showing the visitors that people don’t only visit the site but also purchase the products or sign up for your newsletter. Entrepreneur’s report suggests that the pop-ups help a site increase the subscriptions by 86 percent and sales by a surprising 162 percent.

Now isn’t it what you would like for your online business? But what are the best pop-ups to improve conversion?

Top 7 Must-Haves Popups For Making Profit

Without further ado, let’s see the must-have popups for increasing your sales and generating leads.

1.   Mobile Pop-Ups

Mobile traffic, without a doubt, converts better than desktop and that too by a fair amount. Data shows that mobile popups outdo desktop by a massive 86.49 percent in research done on 1 billion-plus popups.

So, if you wish to profit better, you need a mobile-specific popup which means you should not duplicate a current desktop campaign in use. It can change the conversion goal depending on the device.

Let us give you an example. You are selling software, and the marketing goal is to drive free trials on the desktop. However, your software is not mobile-friendly, so you cannot offer a free trial to mobile visitors. What you can do is provide a demo for which you will need a new mobile-specific popup.

2.   Click Pop-Ups

Click Pop Ups work by getting activated as a visitor comes to your landing page or site and clicks on your campaign image, link, or text. These popups come through an action the visitor has taken first; thus, they have a high conversion rate as they get you qualified leads directly. They are also the least intrusive of all the popup types.

Let’s say you have a blog and wants to sell an ebook; you can use Click Pop Ups by:

  • Placing a banner at the bottom position of blogs, promoting an ebook regarding the same subject as discussed in the article.
  • Making a banner attractive with a short content and a simple, clean design.
  • The clickable text must have a clear Call to Action (CTA).
  • Include a short sentence defining the product’s value.

3.   Timed Popups

Timed popups work by appearing on a landing page or the site after someone has been there for a considerable amount of time. They are unique because, with a timed pop up, you are showing your lead-generating offer to only those visitors who are on your website for a determined amount of time.

Some providers will let you set it only at a limited increment, such as 10, 30, or 60 seconds. Others will allow you to test the total time that will work the best for you, allowing you to check if 34 seconds would work best, or 98 or 207.

Some of the tips to help you make the most out of these timed popups that appear for a limited time include:

  • Large size but not appearing unless the user scrolls, showing interest in the content.
  • Minimal text.
  • Bright and attractive CTA.

4.   Cart Abandonment Popups

This is no secret that the abandonment of the shopping cart comes as a big issue for eCommerce businesses. Data shows that cart abandonment accounts for more than 4 trillion USD in lost sales every year, with the average cart abandonment rate being 88.05% across all trades.

The cart abandonment popup can change that when used carefully. Some of the tips that would help you to save sales are the following:

  • Offer free shipping because the biggest reason people abandon carts is unexpected shipping costs with 41%.
  • Offer a better alternative because 28% of people leave a cart because they find the item to be out of stock.
  • Give special discounts or offers because 29% of people leave after comparing prices and offering a special discount can save the sale.

Remember, you don’t have to offer free shipping or discounts to all customers. You can only show the offer to those who have specific amounts in their buckets, encouraging them to add a little more to qualify for free shipping or an offer.

5.   Entry Pop-Ups

Entry popups are basically among the most underrated popups accessible to online marketers. These appear as soon as a site or a landing page has loaded, mainly restricting a person from viewing the page they wanted to see until they have fully engaged with it.

However, if you use them right, an entry popup or a notification popup can become quite beneficial for you.

Some of the things to consider include:

  • Using entry-pop up only when you have an offer or an important announcement to make.
  • Inform visitors quickly about an online-exclusive promotion or a contest (50 or 30% off the subscription for the first month to your product, for example).
  • Short, attractive text with benefit-driven CTA.
  • Clean and simple design with a mid-size image.

Your entry popup can read something as “Limited offer only! Get 70% off your first subscription to the website,” “Promotion will end midnight,” or a “Click here to get discount.”

6.   Exit Popups

Exit popups make use of mouse tracking for measuring cursor velocity and directionality, analyzing the fact when the traffic is going to leave the tab, open another tab, or hit the back button present on their browser.

As a result, an exit popup will appear just when your visitor is about to leave, encouraging them to convert on a CTA button that they missed or some offer they were not informed about. They are used more often and use exit tracking software for calculating when someone on your blog or landing page is planning to leave.

They are especially good if your site has a high bounce rate as they reduce bounce rates by giving visitors a reason to stick around. According to statistics, exit popups outdo traditional popups by more than 5% on average.

You have a better chance of conversion when you:

  • Show offers and discounts to visitors who exit from product pages.
  • Refer blog readers to further resources and lead magnets for converting them into email subscribers.
  • Use the exit popup to remind a visitor of their purchase if a buyer decides to abandon the shopping cart.
  • Commanding verb + Offer for the prospect + Urgency is the formula that works the best such as “download the paper now”! “Access the templates today”!

7.   Giveaway Popup

The giveaway popup is basically an online contest that has the ability to set so many benefits for your business. No wonder giveaways enjoy a conversion rate of nearly 34%, which is quite higher than other types.

With a carefully designed, eye-catching giveaway pop, you can enjoy:

  • Growth of your email list
  • Increase in your social media following
  • Boost in site traffic
  • Attract hot leads
  • Generate more clients
  • Do easy retargeting
  • Improve product exposure
  • Help word of mouth marketing

A compelling giveaway with an appropriate prize is nothing short of a lead magnet, informing your visitors about the giveaway at the right time inviting them to join. You must not miss the opportunity a benefit-driven CTA provides. Seasonal campaigns like Black Friday, Halloween, Christmas, and other holidays are always around the corner for you to use as an excuse to promote your products.

Final Words

A study shows that opting for a pop-up form compared to a sidebar form improves email sign-ups by 1,375%. On the other hand, 20-70% of website visitors will give their contact details when you use “good popups.’ From improving conversion rate to improve brand recognition, these little tools can help businesses significantly.

So, pop-ups are a must-have for online businesses today. We have discussed 7 different most appropriate pop-ups that can help you enjoy more leads, get more orders directly and indirectly.

However, a pop-up only works if designed according to the end goal you are trying to achieve. Therefore, you must customize it according to the goals and showcase your brand through it.