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10 Best Email Optin

10 Email Optin Popup Examples to Explode Your List

Are you struggling with how to grow your email list through email popups?

Fear not! We’ve got ideas, resources, and best practices for using email popups to build your list. 

Email popups are a great way to get your customers’ attention.

There is a widespread notation that email popups are hated and they hamper the user experience.

However, did you know that they can also be used for lead capture and increase conversions?

Well with Qualzz, we use this approach to build our email list every time someone visits our site. We showcase our best practices below to help you wake up your email list in no time.

What Is an Email Optin Popup?

Over time, email marketing has gained in popularity and people have come to refer to many different kinds of email capturing campaigns as “email opt-in popups

Email popups are a great way to grow your email list, but they’re not a magic bullet. As with any marketing tactic, email opt-in popups need to be used strategically if you want to get the most out of them.

Here is an example of an email opt-in popup:

They can be the difference between signup and a bounce, and the difference between signup and a bounce is the difference between growing your business and not.

Many of our customers have seen their sign-up rate double after they switched from a static subscription form to a popup even without a special offer.

When optimized, opt-in popups are capable of taking your email list-building game to the next level. 

So, in this post, we’re going to be talking about the best email strategies for any pop-up that helps you capture emails. You could incorporate website popup content such as full-screen, slide-in scroll boxes, and floating bars that appear after a user lands on your page.

Building an Email Optin Popup 

Email marketing services like Constant Contact, Mailchimp come with a built-in popup feature letting you build a popup but they fail in terms of targeting.

The problem is that when an email popup isn’t customized to what users are looking for on your site, they’re more likely to neglect or abandon it than anything else. But if you use a tool like Qualzz, you can ensure that your popups exactly match your visitor’s preferences and deliver a truly personalized experience.

Qualzz is the best lead generation software on the market, and the tool you need to grow your website conversions.

It allows you to build “Optin campaigns” like Exit-intent popups, Floating bars, Full-screen popups, Slide-ins and more.

  • Select the objective of the campaign, Qualzz offers the below 4 options
    • Collect Email id’s
    • Increase sales
    • Guide your visitors
    • Collect feedback
  • Select a pre-made optin design from the dozens of high-converting templates that are ready to use at any given time or build it from scratch.
  • Make design changes to suit the target audience and your goal. This feature gives you 100% control over your brand’s visitor personas. You can edit the:
    • Background
    • Font family
    • Font size
    • Color
    • Alignment
    • And much more…
  • Qualzz gives you plenty of display & targeting rules. This helps you show these email optin forms to the right people, in the right places, and at the right time in their customer journey. Popular targeting rules include:
    • Exit-Intent Technology: Display modal popup campaigns to users when they are about to leave your website.
    • Geolocation: Personalize your offers by targeting users based on their geographical location.
    • Referral URL: Personalize your email optin popups based on the source url.
    These are a couple of targeting rules and triggers, though there are many others. 
  • Once the Email Optin Popup is complete, you can schedule and activate the popup to display it on your website.
  • Track the results in real-time.

If you want to build optin popups that grow your list, you should definitely sign up for Qualzz.

We have a 14-day free trial. Ready to get started? Just click below:

Seeing designs that are closer to what you want your design to look like is a great way to gain inspiration and perhaps transform those ideas into your own! 

Let’s check the best email popup examples.

10 Email Optin Popup Examples


When it comes to the best email optin designs, I have seen Misen excelling on that front. They have some of the great high converting hacks in their arsenal.

The headline “Mystery Offer” is a great way to gain the attention of the visitors as it builds curiosity on what the offer would be. Without a doubt, this headline will have a great conversion rate. 

The popup copy is very clear and they prepare the visitors on what to expect from Misen by signing up to their offer. Another important perspective is that they are stating that the visitors can unsubscribe at any time from their emails.

The Image on the left side of the optin clearly states the nature of the company and what they deal with. 

Overall, I would rate this popup as 9/10.

Bruno Magli

This e-commerce store started in the year 1936 by crafting women’s shoes from a basement in Italy. They have a long history of transforming themselves into a world-class brand by offering a wide range of products.

They use email optin pop-ups to capture the email id’s from their website visitors. The popup is scheduled to display when the visitor is about to leave their website. 

The background image looks very attractive and it resembles their signature and brand style. 

The Call to action button looks fine and the close button on the right side corner serves the purpose well.

They are missing a headline and are not specifying exactly what to expect by signing up to their emails. 

Overall, I would rate the optin design from Bruno Magli as 6/10. 


Leesa is a best-in-class mattress brand in the market, they have re-defined the way the traditional mattresses industry was heading towards and secured a marquee position. It raised $23 million to date and is crushing its competitors with its unique offers and digital footprint.

The optin popups have a significant say in their growth story. They started using these conversion tools right from their early days and established a strong presence. 

The popup design is unique and attracts the visitor’s attention, they adopted a circular background design by ditching the traditional square design.  

The popup is scheduled to display after a visitor spends at least 10 seconds on the website. 

The copy is very clear and they set the expectations very clearly for their visitors. 

The red color Call to action button stands out in the design.

Overall, I would rate this popup as 8/10.


Casper is another disruptive startup in the mattress industry, they found a foothold in the market by their unique offers like 100-nights, risk-free trail, 10 years limited warranty..etc.

When it comes to email optins, the Casper marketing team is very aggressive in its approach and design. If you visit their website you will end up seeing at least 3 different popups trying to gain your attention.

They experiment regularly with their design, copy and use various triggers like Landing, exit-intent, and in-activity. 

The popup design is very beautiful and simple. The headline clearly states the offer and a FOMO hook by providing a 10% discount if you order today. 

The image is missing on the popup, this could have added a boost to their conversions on this design.

The terms of the signup are clearly stated and CTA also stands out within the whole design.

Overall, we can rate their popups as 8/10.  

Glasses Canada

It is very rare to see a website in the glasses industry using popups as a conversion tool. 

The popup design is circular and bright with an overlay, the design stands out and gains visitor attention.

The headline and copy seem to be fine. they could have done better by removing some of the unwanted text. The offer is very attractive and stands out pretty clearly. 

The close button could have been positioned in a better spot to improve the conversions. 

 The CTA button is good and the text “Send me a coupon” specifies an action for the visitors to take.

Overall, I would rate this optin popup as 8/10.

Norman love Confectionaries

Norman love chocolates are founded by international acclaimed chef Norman Love. They have developed their signature chocolate varieties and found love among its customers.

They use a full-screen popup to display their email optin to its visitors. 

The background design is very unique and resembles their brand identity and specifies the industry they are in. 

The headline is good and the copy states what to expect from them in their emails. The downfall with this design is that they are requesting the visitors to fill in 3 form fields to sign up.

The CTA button color is good and stands. 

Overall, we can rate this popup as 7/10.

Tibbs and Bones

I love their design and creativity. Tibbs and Bones have its unique flavor established among its customers and they did not leave any stone un-folded to meet the expectations of its customers.

The popup is set to trigger when the visitor is about to leave the website. 

The design is so great and without a doubt, it captures the user’s attention and stands out. Kudos to its marketing team for designing such a great modal popup.

The image is very unique in its design, the headline copy and the CTA stand out. The text is a little hard to read apart from this they did an amazing job in other aspects of it.

I would rate them as 9/10. 


Ecco is the coziest footwear designer. I personally love their designs and quality.

They are using a less intriguing design with a slider popup. The design is fair and specifies the expectations clearly. 

CTA stands out pretty nice and the opt-in checkbox is used to make sure that the visitor understands clearly what he is signing up for.

We can rate the overall design as 7/10.

Good Food

Good food is s disruptive start-up in the food industry. They have gained a market share amongst the public who look for healthy food options. 

They use a full-screen email popup to get the visitor’s attention and is triggered when a visitor is about to leave their website. 

The design is pretty good and the headline clearly states as Exclusive offers, this gains the visitors’ attention. 

The CTA color, design, and copy are awesome. 

Overall, I would rate this popup as 10/10.


Farminson is a family-owned meat shop. They strive for laurels by providing quality food to their customers.

The popup is fine. The image shows their brand identity and the headline is very catchy with an attractive offer of 15%.

The expectations are clearly set but the CTA button is not visible and hence would have very bad conversion rates.

I would rate this popup as 6/10. 

We hope you enjoyed our post on 10 email opt-in popup examples. We know there is a lot of information on email marketing and it can get confusing, so we’ve done our best to bring you the best examples to help you get started.