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How To Create Popups On Shopify

A Complete Guide on Shopify Popups

Shopify is a well-reputed name facilitating millions of businesses to set up their online stores. But setting up a store isn’t enough and requires a solid marketing plan to inform potential customers about the products and services.

With marketing, you will have the visitors on your site and then your high-quality site content and graphics will pursue them to make a purchase. But the site content isn’t enough to convince all visitors.

Popups have become quite common owing to the promising benefits they give in terms of business growth. A popup on Shopify is a small window pop up on the screen of the site visitors.

A Shopify popup can show some news, discount coupon, or ask for an email to provide regular newsletters, updates, etc.

In this guide, we are doing to explore the importance and benefits of Shopify popups, and some of the best approaches to have quality popups and convincing results.

Is Popup on Shopify a Necessity?

How does it feel if you are getting a significant number of visitors on your site but not getting enough sales and an increasing email list? Popups only appear on the window of the visitors when they are exploring your site. So, if your site is already attracting the attention of the visitors, then a popup with an eye-catching design and content would definitely convince the visitors to have some business with you.

A food craft blogger Nikki McGonigal tested light-box form popups and sidebar for opt-ins. She compared the results after eight months of testing and found out that the light-box form of opt-in gained 7,000 more subscribers.

Similarly, a photography blogger Darren Rowse tested the popup approach and saw a rise from 40 to 350 subscribers a day, as shown in the below figure.

Popup statistics  Source

Once you have set up your online store via Shopify, you don’t want to see lots of cart abandonment, fewer sales, less growth of email list, and similar other issues. Popups have been testified to be an ideal and easy way to grow your sales and email lists. There are different Shopify popup apps available today that make this process further easy.

So, as a Shopify-based seller, you should definitely consider having popups on your site.

Top 9 Best Approaches towards Setting Shopify Popup

Following are some of the key factors you should be well aware of to create a Shopify popup that instantly converts:

  1. Right Timing

The timing of the Shopify popup is very vital and the concept behind it is very simple. Why would new visitors on your site want to provide their emails or other details if they have just opened your site?

In fact, a popup on the landing page immediately on visitor arrival to the site does not provide a valuable response and also increases the chance that visitor just closes your site. Your Shopify popup code timing must be exactly when there is the highest number of chances that visitors will engage with the popup.

popup trigger at right time


For achieving the right popup timing, you have to test different timing of popups. Because the timing that works for one site does not guarantee that it will work on yours as well.

So, spend some time on testing and finding the right popup timing. It must not be too early or too late.

Finding the ideal timing might take some time, but it will be worth the struggle.

  1. Use of Best Shopify Popup App

The importance of having a popup for Shopify is narrated above, but designing the popups isn’t easy for all. So, to make this process handy, there are dozens of Shopify pop-up apps that are helpful to design the popups you need. But not all of them will be efficient in their performance or may lag in some features that others provide much better.

So, you must test a few of them to find the best Shopify popup app that meets your objectives.

Shopify popup apps

Shopify App Store

  1. Strategic Email Popups

A growing email list means a growing business. But getting the emails of visitors isn’t easy in most cases. They mostly dislike sharing the email to get annoyed with continuous emails. So, simply asking for an email wouldn’t work in most cases. Before asking for the email, you must show the prime attractiveness of your site that engages visitors.

Once visitors get absorbed with your site content, it’s time you show a graphics-rich email signup popup.

This way, there are high chances that the visitors would happily provide their emails.

Attractive popup design


The other approach is showing some freebies, coupons, and discounts in the popup message and providing those services in exchange for the email.

Best offer popups

Krazy Mazie Kreations

  1. Exit Intent Popups

Exit-intent popups appear when a visitor is about to leave your site. It is the only chance left for you to secure that visitor, that’s why the Shopify exit-intent popup must be strategically designed. The more productive way here is that you provide some kind of discount coupons or free shipping to the visitors. Visitors like it when they are provided special cost-effective benefits.

Exit-intent popup example

Zest Of Moringa

If a visitor has selected a few of your products, but before completing the order and shipment details, he/she plans for exiting the site, then that is where you must show a convincing Shopify exit popup to change his/her mind. A large font, graphical, and an attractive popup with some discount or free shipping can have some solid outcomes.

  1. Eye-catching Design and Content

Popups are becoming common now and you will see dozens of websites showing popups. But not all of the popups are successful. The design and content of a popup on Shopify play a significant role because a popup is going to appear suddenly, so it must be catchy enough to make the visitors do not feel annoyed.

For example, the content in the below popup is in red which is not readable clearly.

This will definitely give a bad impression to the new visitors and can turn them away.

Bad shopify popup example


The better approach is that you design a popup with some graphics and clear wording. The graphics you choose should be related to your products/services.

Attractive shopify popup design


The attractiveness and eye-catching characteristics of a popup are the main keys. Give visitors the feeling that they are being valued and honored for being on the site.

Shopify popup image

The Oodie

  1. Segment Your Visitors

Not all of your visitors will be visiting your site for the first time. The majority might be the new ones, but there will be a significant number of visitors that have visited your site before or made a purchase. So, your Shopify popup message should not be the same for everyone because your older visitors have more potential to be your regular customers than the new ones.

For example, the below popup gives a $5 off the first order which is good for a new visitor, but if this popup appears for regular visitors, it will bring confusion, uncertainty, and discomfort.

Full-screen shopify popup


For your regular customers, the popup shown below can gain more of their attention. It will pop up a 15% off if the visitor has selected a product, but looking to abandon the cart now.

So, if this popup appears suddenly on the window, it will help the visitor to change his/her mind because the visitor already knows about your product quality and need a small push to make the next purchase.

Discount offer popup for shopify websites

Tommy John

  1. Visitors Engagement

For some businesses, a simple popup asking for an email to provide a coupon or newsletter might not work. So, along with eye-catching design and content, sometimes you have to show something out-of-the-box. If you can engage your visitors through popups, then there is no doubt that your email list and sales will see an increment.

You can use a spin wheel in the popup to provide the discount based on the results. A lot of visitors would at least take the spin and the results may then convince them to make a purchase.

Shopify spin to wheel popup


Other than spinning, there are many other approaches to get visitors engaged. You can either first ask a Yes/No question or something else and then show the Shopify popup signup form.

Discount code popup

Anne Bebe

  1. Popups with Coupons

Everyone loves discounts. A product with some discounted rate is more likely to sell than a product with its original price. The same goes for popups. If a popup provides a coupon showing some discount, then the chances of visitors’ engagement increase. But you must not present the same coupon for all kinds of visitors. You must have multiple coupons ready.

So, if a visitor is at a different page on your site, then your coupon popup should be addressing the needs accordingly.

For example, if a visitor has placed some items in the cart, but does not have a clear mind about whether to make a purchase, then you can show up a coupon popup with some additional discounts.

In short, coupon popups in Shopify are one of the most efficient and recommended ways to present the popups.

Shopify coupon code popups


  1. Relevancy

Your popup for Shopify should be related to your site design, color theme, and other details. You should not make your visitors annoyed by showing a popup that is disrupting the flow.

Secondly, the popup should be reflecting what visitors want to see.

For example, if visitors are looking at your product site, then you can pop up a window showing up the discount in the same product line with the same theme format as that of the site.

The below popup example is an excellent representation of relevancy and theme matching between the popup and the site. The site has a color theme of white and light pink and the popup is excellently following the flow.

So, if this popup appears on the window of visitors, they would not get much annoyed, which increases the chance of products sell.

Shopify popup samples


Other than relating the theme of the popup with the site design, you can also add some other attraction elements in the popup without disrupting the flow.

For example, the below popup shows another excellent representation of popup relevance with the site. You can see the content, picture, and colors matching the main site, while the countdown further increases the attraction of visitors.

Shopify popup with timer

Cece’s Capsules


Shopify is an exceptional e-commerce service helping millions of businesses to grow. But utilizing the full potential of the platform relies on the methods you adopt. Turing new visitors to potential customers isn’t easy but it’s not impossible. Popups can have a major impact on your sales if you utilize them efficiently. To the least, popups always help to increase the email list.

But if popup’s timing, content, attractiveness, and other details are the best, then their impact on the business growth and sales will be self-explanatory.