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10 Shopping Deals Pop-ups that Increase Sales

Have you noticed how eCommerce sites guide you towards a sales campaign or discount?

How would you know about the discount if the website didn’t direct you in the right direction?

Well, that’s how the promotion pop-ups work. However annoying these pop-ups seem to be, they drive insane traffic and quality leads.

And that is why brands keep displaying various pop-ups on their website. One such pop-up is the shopping deals pop-up. It is a sales promotional pop-up that helps you get most of your existing website traffic.

This article will discuss shopping deals pop-ups and ten different types of shopping deals pop-up that can help increase sales and accelerate business growth.

Let’s jump right in!

What are shopping deals pop-ups?

A shopping deals pop-up or promotional pop-up aims to boost conversions and sales by delivering incentives like discounts, coupon codes, and free shipping or managing customer emails for future marketing endeavors.

These shopping deals pop-ups play an essential part in maximizing revenue and keeping customers engaged. Hence, they serve the sole aim of e-commerce—fetching customers to buy your products.

You need to improve your average order value and convert more visitors into customers to stay ahead of your competitors.

And to make this job a cakewalk for you and assist you with it, you can use these pop-ups.

So, without further ado, let’s get into some innovative shopping pop-up ideas to increase sales and boost your business.

1. Offer discounts and coupon codes

When it comes to operating short-term sales for your e-commerce store, coupon and discount pop-ups work wonders. And if you highlight the expiration date of a coupon code, you can make more people use it in a specific time frame.

Another method to improve the efficacy of your offer is to display a coupon pop-up once the user is on your landing page. It can encourage them to use the coupon or discount to make their first purchase. However, always show such pop-ups once to the same user and not numerous times to maintain credibility.

2. A first-time user purchase offer

First-time incentives like free shipping and discounts are prevalent ways to grab newcomers’ attention with email addresses and turn them into customers.

Even renowned brands use this tactic in their marketing strategies.

Kate Spade is one such brand. It provides a 10% discount on the first purchase and requests new users to sign up for their newsletter by asking for their email addresses. It is an intelligent way to engage new customers and turn them into returning customers.

3. Collecting emails from customers

As an online marketer, you already know how vital email leads are. You can keep your brand linked to your consumer base, engage them, and support your connection with welcome and apology emails. You can send a follow-up email when they leave a product in their shopping cart.

First, to send emails to abandoned carts, you need to convince customers to subscribe before leaving. The best method to manage that is to display exit pop-ups that detect users’ exit intent. And if you provide a special offer in return for their email addresses, it will bring more leads who can convert.

4. Exit pop-ups to reduce cart abandonment

It is very often that customers abandon their shopping carts. And even though this doesn’t sound like a big deal, it might bulk up and lead to massive loss.

But you can lower your cart abandonment losses by providing an offer that can’t be refused. Such as displaying an exit pop-up right before a user attempts to exit and convincing them to complete their purchase.

This way, you can make contact with the visitor, making them potential customers in the future, or reengage with previous customers, which will aid to remind them of the presence of your website, which they have earlier used for its interests or services.

5. The limited-time offer

Every online marketer knows that the fear of missing out is a powerful driver in consumer behavior and wants to take advantage of it. 

By making your unique and special offers available for a limited period, more online shoppers can be driven to buy before the deal’s gone. Providing free shipping puts you a step ahead of your clients since shipping prices are one of the most significant reasons consumers abandon their carts.

You can highlight limited time on your promotional pop-up or sticky bar to boost users to convert into customers faster. You can even install a countdown timer on it to drive that feeling of urgency even more.

6. Gaming or contest incentives pop-ups

Who doesn’t like to play a small game and win a real prize? You, too, must have come across web pages where you have to spin the wheel and win prizes.

Well, those spinning wheels are a part of gamification pop-up campaigns. They are very engaging and helpful in increasing sales. They also encourage users to make purchases with the reward.

7. Cross-sell pop-ups

Cross-selling is a helpful strategy to persuade buyers who add a product to their cart to spend more. If the product is in the cart, you can display your pop-up on the product or shopping cart page. The latter is a more suitable option since the user will buy the product already.

But for these shopping deals pop-ups to work, you have to offer a compelling incentive and recommend relevant products. Whether free shipping, a free product, or a free sample, displaying a clear incentive to your pop-up deal stimulates customers to spend more without ruining the user experience.

8. Seasonal campaigns pop-ups

Brands have been using seasonal campaigns to boost their sales and revenue for so long now.

Halloween, Black Friday, CyberMonday, Christmas, and all such holidays are just another reason marketers sell their products. These holidays are good excuses to boost your products.

You need eye-catching and heart-throbbing shopping deals pop-ups during this occupied shopping season if you want to capitalize on your holiday traffic.

9. Surprise deals pop-ups

Although most shopping deals pop-ups can’t go past a simple “10% off” announcement, yours don’t have to be the same. After all, there’s always room for experimentation. Be it pop-ups or something else?

By adding the element of surprise and mystery to your campaigns, you can make your deals more exciting and unforgettable. Surprise deals pop-ups are a year-round sales promotion strategy, but they’re most efficacious when least expected.

10. Exclusive shopping offers

You can align your messages with their requirements and wishes by displaying various pop-ups to different users based on which stage they are at in the buyer’s journey.

Whether you want a repeat customer with promotional pop-ups or target and reward a newsletter subscriber, the key is to create a sense of specialty.

If you’re preparing a sales campaign, consider awarding your subscribers early access or a simple “heads up” about the forthcoming sales. It assists in creating suspense, promotes users to find products they might want to purchase in advance, and enhances your relationship with your subscribers.

Final Words

As digital marketing evolves day by day, marketers employ intelligent strategies to accelerate growth and drive traffic. And now you know that one such strategy cum tool is promotional pop-ups.

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