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How Popups Helping SAAS Companies Grow Revenue

How Pop-Ups are helping SaaS Companies to Grow their Revenue?

Marketing software is not similar to product marketing.

Compared to a product, your software is invisible to your potential customers. So, you have to demonstrate what the software is about, its working process, and other details.

The way you will communicate your software will have a major impact on customers’ engagement.

For SaaS companies, there are different techniques, tools, and marketing strategies available to grow their businesses. Out of all these tactics, showing popups and gaining the attention of visitors is turning quite fruitful for companies to grow their revenue.

Do you want to learn how to…?

In this guide, we are going to look closely at some live examples of SaaS companies using popups and turning them into their business growth.

So, let’s get down to it.

Pop-ups for SaaS Companies – Use Cases

Imagine that you have carried out exceptional marketing and targeted a lot of traffic to your site. But rather than making lots of new customers, you are seeing less conversion rate and more visitors exiting your site quickly.

Think about that for a minute.

Do you want your site visitors to just simply go? I guess …no.

You have to engage them and make them your customers.

Popups are meant to solve this issue.

Popups for SaaS can present free training, eBook, or other things to engage the visitors and encourage them to provide their emails.

But not every SaaS company should follow the same popup approach.

Your business narrates what kind of popups you should create. Following are 4 SaaS companies’ examples that have set up strategic popups to grow their businesses:

Constant Contact:

Constant Contact helps businesses to have a solid digital presence without much of a hassle. They provide email marketing, online store development, website design, and social marketing services to their customers. Based on the services they provide, it does not seems difficult for them to market themselves to potential customers, but they are also one of the sites with pop-ups.

Once a visitor is on their site, he/she will see a popup appearing asking for the email to signup and get the Hints & Tips newsletter two times a month.

But is popup turning fruitful for Constant Contact?

Constant contact popups

Not all the visitors coming to a website are willing to purchase the service immediately. They need some boosting factor and a trustworthy environment, which might take some time to develop.

So, Constant Contact is well-planned to turn confusing visitors into potential customers. Because only those website visitors are going to sign up who are somehow interested in the company services and want to get continuous updates on it.

Therefore, by receiving the newsletter twice a month with rich content and graphics, their trust with Constant Contact will increment, eventually increases the business growth.


Albacross is a lead generation service provider that generates potential B2B leads based on website traffic. What they do is filter down the website visitors of their clients and then provide contact details of key people belonging to the targeted companies. If you visit the webpage of Albacross, you will find engaging content, attractive graphics, social proof, and other highlights forcing the visitors to try the platform.

But the notable aspect is the popup that appears after around 5-10 secs of your stay on the site. The popup is set to provide a short glimpse of the services that Albacross provides.

The popup graphics and content is designed attractively to gain the attention of the visitors and engage them. The popup is providing a free service where it shows the potential leads visitor site might be missing.

Albacross popups

If you click on the “Estimate your Revenue” button on the popup, it will simply ask for your website domain and work email. Afterward, it will deliver the results.

Popups used by saas companies

The question is how this popup is helping Albacross to grow?

The main advantage of this popup is that it provides a glimpse of the service to the visitors for free and it gets the work email of the potential visitors. If the estimation result does not attract the visitor to purchase the service, then email marketing can serve the job.

So, without any marketing cost, Albacross is increasing its email list and also gaining new customers with the free estimation service in the popup.


3dcart is a single software solution that facilitates entrepreneurs in setting their eCommerce business through its number of services, such as creating an eCommerce website, customizable online store, marketing tools, search engine optimization, etc. 3dcart provides a lot of eCommerce tools and services, but they also don’t compromise on their own marketing.

Unlike many SaaS companies, 3dcart has multiple different popups for different sections of their site. For example, on their blog page, they show a subscription-related popup with catchy content to force visitors to join.

3dcart popups

Similarly, they show a free mini-guide popup on another different page of the site. Here again, they are attracting the attention of visitors with catchy content.

Popups used by saas companies

The third popup appears as a show window on a corner providing a free trial offer. The popup is designed to avoid interrupting the reading flow of the visitors.

Saas popups examples

From all these three popups, one thing is evident that the popups are designed specifically to the content of that section. The first popup asks for a subscription, the second one provides a free guide, and the third one provides a free trial.

Not all visitors can be convinced with one single approach, and this is why 3dcart sets up popup traps of different kinds to eventually gain the attention and contact details of the visitors.

Once visitors shared their contact details, the only thing left is to gain their trust and convince them to make a purchase.

Smart Insights:

Smart Insights provides training, tools, and templates to let entrepreneurs upskill themselves and set up winning and solid digital marketing strategies. The training is provided online, while tested tools and templates are presented so that businesses accelerate their growth significantly. As Smart Insights is providing training services, so they have set up an ideal popup for the marketing of their services.

A popup appears on the site after visitors have spent some time exploring the site. The popup provides a free guide and templates, along with the latest marketing development alerts to the visitors in exchange for their emails.

SAAS company popup usecases

The services that Smart Insights is providing do not attract all the visitors instantly. Some may feel that they can learn those skills free or some may don’t acknowledge the worth of those skills.

So, for making their services visible, they are wisely providing free guides, templates, and alerts to potential visitors so that they can showcase the worth of their services.


Pop-ups on websites are commonly seen today, but the worth of popups in the case of SaaS companies is very significant. SaaS companies have to struggle a lot to gain potential customers and set up a name in the market, which eventually becomes quite expensive. Popups act as a great way for SaaS companies to gain the attention of visitors, engage them, present some sample of services, and keep a regular touch with them via email marketing.

To sum up, popups are a true companion of SaaS companies, promising more leads and revenue growth.