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Exit Intent Technology

5 Things Every Marketer Needs To Understand About Exit-Intent Technology

What is your primary target as a marketer?

You thought it right!

To increase the rate at which your visitors convert into customers.

For this purpose, you need to devise a conversion strategy that will help you convert a considerable amount of visitors into customers.

And if you do not know, let’s us tell you; no conversion strategy will work without using exit-intent popups skillfully.  Let’s straight away jump into five things you need to understand about exit-intent technology as a successful marketer.

Before we start, let’s just quickly look at the statistics on the wonders that exit-intent technology does to your eCommerce business. According to Conversionfanatics, your website’s conversion rate can improve by 10 percent after using exit-intent technology.

Foundr reported an average increase of 200 – 600 percent in their email signups after using exit-intent together with their content marketing.

What Exit-Intent Technology Is All About?

It is a tracking technology that monitors visitors’ behavioral movements to detect when they are going to exit your website without buying anything or dropping any personal details.

As the visitor’s mind is clear at this point, it is the right time to present an offer and has been proven the most successful popup strategy since its arrival. It works best for all platforms, whether it’s WordPress exit intent popup or exit intent popup Shopify. In simple words, exit-intent technology is designed to attract more leads and reduce cart abandonment by displaying a widget or pop-up once the visitor’s courser leaves the site’s frame.

Five Things You Need To Understand About Exit-Intent Technology As A Successful Marketer

Here are five things you must not forget:

Always Offer Valuable Content

Why do you think a visitor leaves your site?

Of course, he will leave when he does not get what he was looking for!

So at this point, the only best thing you can do is show some value to your visitor. This is because attracting people with excellent content always works. For this purpose, you need to first target a group and then create content according to its interests.

You need to do some research work on the interests of visitors so that you can give them a valuable offer; for example, the Coschedule exit-intent popup image below is an excellent example of a valuable offer:

In this exit pop-up window, the visitors can get valuable content either in the form of a calendar or an ebook by just clicking the “get button.” Moreover, the offer the company made is inviting by using words such as a plan or organize associated with time efficiency and greater productivity.

Never Ask For A Lot Of Personal Information

If you think you can get a handsome amount of personal information from the visitors by adding many fields in the exit-intent popup, you are seriously mistaken!

This is because the primary function of an exit intent popup is the conversion of visitors. So you need to facilitate the process of conversion by keeping signing up easy, the rate of conversion is increased by 120 percent if a few fields are shown in the exit popups. Here is one of the good examples of exit pop-ups:

In this exit pop-up, sign-up is done with only one field of the email, which is easy for a leaving visitor to fill. Remember, too many fields will make his exit quicker instead of inviting him back. So if you want to get back your visitors, always keep only a few fields to fill in your exit pop-up.

Keep Exit From Pop Up Easy

Your visitor is intelligent as he is well aware of all your marketing techniques. Using shading techniques to get high results from your marketing technique will not just end up damaging your visitors’ trust but also adversely affect your Google ranking.

One of the most frequently used shady techniques marketers use while designing exit pop up is to keep closing signs ‘X’ very small or hard to click on the exit pop up. This move will ruin your entire strategy as it negatively affects the user experience. This is because you cannot force your visitors to stay. The only thing you can do is to attract them with your compelling exit pop-up.

So, instead of keeping the closing sign blurred or difficult to click, you should always make it visible and easy to click so that visitors don’t get annoyed. The best example of easy exit is shown below:

Exit-intent popup example on squarespace website

With the selection of bright colors, the ‘X’ sign is clearly visible, making the exit easy for visitors.

Appropriate Design Of Exit Pop Up

You can judge the drink by its bottle. Likewise, the quality of an exit pop-up is revealed by its design. An appropriate design that works great is the one with the right selection of text size and color scheme. The text should neither be oversized nor be undersized but medium-sized that is visible and easily readable.

Likewise, the color scheme should neither be obtrusive nor be dull and grey. Keep it eye-catching and simple so it does not affect the readability of the text.

The pinching color scheme that makes text reading blur is useless. The image below is an example of an appropriately chosen color scheme and text size:

promo code popup

The text in the exit pop-up above is clearly readable. However, by keeping the text bold and italic, the main areas of offer are highlighted. The color scheme is quite soothing and simple by using a few shades of colors that don’t stress readers’ eyes.

Use Images To Attract Visitors

The use of images in the exit pop is more grabbing than without using images because visuals are always impactful. However, the relevancy of images is necessary to make them work efficiently. The use of images should be relevant to your content.

Here is an excellent example of a relevant image used in the exit pop up:

Concluding Words

Do you know more than 70 percent of your visitors will leave your site and never come back? If you do not wish to lose your visitors, you need to always remember the five things mentioned in this article while designing an exit-intent popup or WordPress exit-intent popup.

Many e-commerce platforms offer diverse smart apps, for example, exit-intent popup Shopify that can help you stand out tall among competitors by creating the best exit-intent popup.