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Wordpress Poup Usecases

Best WordPress Popup Use-cases To Accelerate Business Growth

Are you looking to boost your business growth?

Do you want to increase your conversion, lead generation numbers?

If so, then an attractive, professional WordPress popup can help you achieve your desired targets.

The average conversion rate of a popup is around 3.09%.

Big online businesses to small- and medium-scale brands globally actively use WordPress popups to achieve their business outcomes.


Because popups are not old-fashioned, sales-oriented, or ineffective; they work and derive results only if you know how to do so.

But if you are unaware of the ins and outs of using WordPress popups, don’t worry. We’ll help you learn vital elements regarding using popups.

Our team has filtered some of the best WordPress popup use-cases so that you can expand your horizon of ideas and scale your business with the best popups for your brand.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

WordPress Email Popup

Email popups are the most commonly used popups online. The sole target of these pop-ups is to attract the visitor’s email address so that you can connect with your target audience again through an email marketing strategy.

You can convert a prospect into your email lead by offering them some value in return. Have a look at the example below.

An eCommerce brand offers free shipping in return if the visitor provides them with their email address. You can even offer a free ebook, discount code, newsletter subscription, or a free invitation to your webinar to use the email popup effectively.

Once you get your prospect’s email address, you can connect with them via emails and provide them with a personalized experience to build a healthy relationship. It will help you ultimately convert your potential prospect into your raving fans.

WordPress Cookie Popup

Cookie consent is your doorway if you want to utilize your user’s data on your website to provide them with a better experience and achieve your business goals.

You need to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), California cookie laws, ePrivacy Directive EU, and other rules and regulations to access user data.

And a cookie consent popup is the best way to abide by all the legalities. Have a look at how Mercedes uses a cookie consent popup to make users aware of the ins and outs of their data protection information and advertisement policy.

You can also paint a crystal clear image about what you want to do with your user’s information and how it will benefit them. If you successfully convey the message, the user will either accept the information or disagree with it.

WordPress Feedback Popup

Understanding the customer better will help you optimize your existing strategies and approach. A feedback popup can intuitively get your customer’s opinions.

There are multiple ways you can design a feedback popup. Here’s an example.

An eCommerce company used a Yes/No question to know the customer’s experience regarding their product. It is a simple and quick way to get the customer’s responsibility.

You can even ask your customer to describe how they feel about your product or service if you want in-depth insights into their experience.

Contact Us WordPress Popup

Another common type of popup companies use on their website is the contact us popup. It helps potential prospects or website visitors to get in touch with your representative quickly.

It can help you remove all the barriers in communicating your brand to your customers or potential leads. This can be an effective lead generation method as you’ll get the contact details of your visitors.

Have a look at the example of a contact us popup.

You can use a powerful popup builder tool to create an engaging contact us popup to get in touch with your visitors and address their issues or convert them into your lead.


Age Verification Popup WordPress

If your website content is only for people of a specific age category, then you need to integrate an age verification popup on your website once a visitor lands on your home page.

There can be multiple options to create an age verification popup. After going through numerous examples, you can scroll through multiple templates available on your popup builder or create your creative age verification popup.

One such example is listed below. Here the company only allows people falling into the 18+ age category. If the visitor is not 18+, they won’t be able to view the website content.

WordPress Announcement Popup

If you have to launch a new product/service or offer you want to share with your visitors, an announcement popup can help you spread your message.

You can create an attractive announcement popup and set its positioning and timing to increase effectiveness. Check out the example of BarkBox and how they used an announcement popup to significant effect.

On Valentine’s day, they introduced a discount for their visitors and packaged the information in a beautiful announcement popup.


You can even gather emails from your visitors to inform them about new launches or new offers in the future. It’s up to your creative thinking and the flexibility of your popup builder to create a popup that can beat the average conversion rate.

But which popup builder is suitable for your business growth?

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