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Countdown Timer Popup Examples

6 Ways in which the Timer Popup can help Increase Online Revenue

Countdown timer pop-ups are a tried and true method of increasing sales and conversions. What’s the reason? Because scarcity marketing is effective, it’s unlike any other.

Marketers take advantage of the scarcity marketing tactics to increase demand for their items by decreasing supply.

You may have seen the phrase “It’s either now or never” a thousand times before. These words are commonly used by marketers to generate a sense of urgency.

When you find limited stocks, it becomes more appealing. We act swiftly, usually with a little reflection, in order to avoid missing out on a possibility that might otherwise pass us by.

Although scarcity and urgency are frequently employed in email marketing, they are rarely used in website popups. Website countdown timers are the greatest approach to use on-site.

We discovered that popups with a countdown timer convert 110 percent better than those without a countdown timer after studying several popups.

First, I’ll give a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a countdown popup using Qualzz, followed by six of the best countdown popup designs and their use cases.

How to Create Countdown Timer Popup?

Let’s look at how to make a countdown timer appear using the Qualzz pop-up builder.

Step 1. Create a new timer popup campaign

You can sign up for a free trial of Qualzz, the best popup builder on the market, to create a countdown popup with just a few clicks without a single line code.

Let’s get this party started!. 👇

After you’ve chosen a campaign type and the popup format, pick a template from our 100+ popups:

Step 2. Make design changes to your popup timer

Select a template such as floating bar, lightbox, sidebar pop-ups, or fullscreen popups. Start by customizing your popup and adapting it to your website’s style.

You may also utilize our pre-built pop-up templates and customize the background color, image, font, CTA, and copy to suit your needs.

Step 3. Add Countdown Timer element

Add the countdown popup once you’ve completed your modifications. If the “hide” button is switched off, turn it on again.

Select a time period from the dropdown menu. Select either dynamic or static as the countdown design.

Set a time limit for your timer.

Once the website countdown timer is completed, the popup will not appear to the visitor.

Step 4. Set up Display & Targeting Options

Finally, customize the display rules, triggers, and targeting parameters for your timer to show it to the appropriate individuals at the ideal time.

Your countdown timer is now ready to go live, bringing conversions!

You’re ready to go live on your site once you’ve completed the setup of triggers and targeting choices. 🚀

Save and publish the campaign.

Do you wish to learn how to add a timer popup in Shopify? Or, in WordPress, how to make a countdown popup?

Follow the same directions above, but change “fetch” to “load.” Then, you may use Qualzz on any website that supports JavaScript without using any countdown timer plugin.

Let’s go through the finest ways to utilize countdown popup timers once you’ve learned how to make one.

How to Make Countdown timer Popups Work for You

Countdown timers aren’t only used to convey urgency. There’s more to them than meets the eye, contrary to popular belief.

Countdown popups, when used correctly, can aid in the expansion of your email list, retention of your subscribers, increased sales, lower cart abandonment, and more. All without seeming too pushy.

Here are six of the most effective countdown timer strategies for use in popups, as well as their benefits.

1. Increase the number of email signups

You might be asking visitors to subscribe to your email list or participate in a competition if you’re already utilizing email popups on your site. They’ll be less inclined to give their information if there isn’t a time limit.

If you’re giving out time-bound items as part of a new subscriber package or offering early access to an event, make it stand out in your popups with a countdown timer, such as the one seen here:

E-commerce discount timer popup

While giving discounts in exchange for email registrations is typical, many businesses may not be able to afford them for each and every customer.

A clever approach to offer discounts without jeopardizing profit margins or lowering your subjective value is to do it for a set period of time. 

Instead of a discount pop-up with no expiration date, the firm uses this incentive sparingly and generates urgency through an attention-grabbing countdown timer in its email pop-up.

2. Create Product Launches excitement

Consider how Apple fans camp out for the newest iPhone model or how Sony teases the PlayStation 5 long before its release date.

Promotional popups may be used to generate excitement for a product launch, introduce new season items, or stock hyped goods your customers are eagerly anticipating.

Check out this example:

New product launch timer popup

With a countdown pop-up like this, you may establish forecasting goals for future goods and collections.

You may also generate a desire for more goods by hiding them or providing a sneak peek. To increase the level of anticipation in your popups, you may count down to the big day.

Customers may be enticed to join your email list and you may earn new subscribers who are interested in a product once it debuts if you use this offer.

3. Build momentum for Sales Campaigns

When it comes to counting down to significant milestones, there’s no secret that the prospect of a big bargain is a strong motivation to act.

Countdown popups like this are ideal for long-anticipated deals, such as clearance sales or Black Friday specials. You could, for example, set up two popups for two different visitor categories before your sales begin.

You might utilize a countdown message and a pop-up to encourage subscribers to prepare their carts, such as this:

Cart abandonment timer popup

If you’re not already on your list, you may include a popup to invite them to gain early access to the sale:

Remember to set up your popups ahead of time so you can get the most out of them during the sale.

4. Limited-Time Offers Promotion

A countdown timer can help you promote a variety of things, not just big sales.

Countdown popups are effective in driving the urgency for one-time-only sales, daily discounts, long weekend discounts, and more. Countdown pop ups may be used to advertise one-time offers for a limited period of time by creating urgency.

Discount timer popup

The goal is to be subtle yet catch attention at the same time. You want people to notice your urgency, but you don’t want to disrupt their shopping trip with an obnoxious, outdated pop-up.

5. Reduce Cart Abandonment using timer popup

If you’re like most e-commerce marketers, you’re probably doing all sorts of things to reduce cart abandonment on and offline.

When you do this, you may be providing discounts to persuade consumers not to leave. Although incentives are useful in attracting potential customers, incentivizing every departing customer is expensive.

To avoid cart abandonment, I recommend giving discounts or other perks in your popups for a specific length of time.

Check out this example:

Countdown timer popup examples

Combine this popup with an exit-intent trigger to help you stop losing consumers at the optimum moment by emphasizing the importance of your offering.

This method helps you reclaim formerly lost sales without encouraging customers to abandon or hurting profits all the time.

6. Special days countdown timer

In your popups, you may count down to anything from sales campaigns and limited-time offers. Every day that is a reason to shop is a good day to anticipate.

Even if you don’t have a sale, use a countdown timer in your popups to promote something significant in your niches like National Puppy Day or Earth Day.

In the fall, I like to countdown until Christmas and invite people to buy presents.

A countdown timer reminding that there’s little time until Christmas, along with pop-up targeting gift shoppers, can help you create urgency and nudge visitors to make purchases from your website, such as this:

Special day countdown timer popup

Check the below example of a bar countdown timer.

Countdown timer bar

This method is user-friendly, simple to operate, and best of all, it’s achievable to set up ahead of time.

Frequently asked questions about the popup timer

What are countdown timers?

The countdown timer popup is a design that can be used to display the countdown of time on your website. The countdown will start when it’s shown, where the number amount decreases by one second per second until it reaches zero and disappears from view.

How do countdown timers work?

A countdown timer is a form of technology that displays the time remaining before an event or product’s availability ends.

Knowing how much time is left encourages people to make decisions about their purchases, whether it be online shopping or selling products at physical stores.

People are more likely to purchase products when they know that the product is limited in quantity and time, which countdown timers can easily convey.

Countdown timer popups are used on websites all over the internet for this reason. They create urgency by showing people how little time is left before something will be gone.

How do countdown timers affect your conversion rate?

These types of popups have been proven to help increase online revenue and accelerate the sense of urgency among online shoppers. When countdown timers are used on marketing pages, such as sale or promotion countdown timer popups, they can increase conversion rates by up to 30%.

What type of popup timer should I use?

There is no specific formula for which countdown timer you need to choose. It’s recommended that before using any countdown timer popup design you test out a variety of countdown timer popups to see which ones work best for you.

How can I use countdown timers on my WordPress website?

You have the ability to place countdown timer popup designs in various places throughout your website, such as at the header or footer of your pages and also near product widgets that display information about sales countdown timer.

You can use Qualzz to create a count-down timer popup and launch it within minutes without writing a code.

How long should I have my countdown timer on display?

There is no specific time limit, but it’s recommended that you show your countdown timer popups anywhere between 30 seconds and 5 minutes or until you reach the number zero countdown timer.

The timer can last up to few days depending upon the marketing campaign.

What are some countdown timer countdown popup examples?

Some online retailers that have been using countdown timers in their marketing campaigns for a few years now include big names like Best Buy, Walmart, and Target. Some of their countdown timer popups include:

  • Black Friday Deals
  • Discount sales countdown
  • New iPhone release

Why should I use a countdown timer popup?

  • It creates a sense of urgency among online shoppers by setting time limits to increase online revenue.
  • Helps in increasing the conversions rate because it helps users decide whether they want to purchase something right now or not.
  • When a countdown timer is used, customers are typically more likely to complete their purchase.
  • Countdown timer popup creates a sense of urgency among customers and can help in increasing the online revenue by leading them to make a quick decision before time runs out.


Popups are the most adaptable tools in your marketing toolkit, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

Popups can be utilized to attract visitors and create conversions, depending on the right persuasion triggers such as scarcity and urgency.

It’s now your chance to make one popup for each of your objectives and add a countdown timer to your popups with a few mouse clicks.