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Best Popup Timings

Best Timing To Show Popup For Maximum Conversions?

Do you know when’s the right time to show a popup to boost your conversion rate?

Well, to ace the popup timing and drive maximum conversions from your popup, you need to do a little digging.

Popups can deliver the best results if you have timed the popup right. First, you need to figure out the sweet spot where you can hook the visitor to your popup and fulfill your desired goals.

You can showcase a popup once the visitor lands on your website to disturb the user experience, but you can’t keep it at the end of your page, where you can lose the chances of the conversion.

So how can you figure out the best popup timings for your display popup?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

We have done the homework on your behalf to help you understand how you can figure out your sweet spot to hit the jackpot with your popups. So, without further ado, let’s get the learning started.

Why is Timing Important For Using Popups?

Multiple reasons can be coined to prove that the timing of your popups is the critical aspect to determine the success of your popup. But let’s look at a few critical factors:

Deliver A Quality Experience

As mentioned in the introduction, the timing of the popup can hinder the customer experience and result in you making the customer bounce from your website.

Thus increasing the overall bounce rate and minimizing the effectiveness of your popup campaign. For example, if you place a popup just when the user opens your website, chances are they might feel irritated.

Whereas, placing a popup when the user has viewed a section of your brand and wants to know more about it can enhance the user experience and help you convey the message effectively.

Talking about conveying the message….

Convey Your Message

The timing of the popup is directly proportional to the effectiveness of your message and the action you want from the visitor.

Once the user is interested in your website’s content and has developed the initial relationship with your brand, the popup can help you convey the message more effectively.

The user can read the entire text or go through the image or video message to take a specific action that you desire them to take. It can help you boost your conversion rate and achieve your business goals and targets.

Boost Conversions

If you can deliver a quality experience and convey your message effectively with a timed popup, then there’s an increased chance that you’ll be able to skyrocket your conversion rates.

People will happily give their emails in exchange for a lead magnet or a freebie you have in the offering or any other specific action you want them to take.

But if you want to extract all these benefits from a timed popup, you need to follow popup best practices and figure out your best time to show popups to your visitors.    

How To Figure Out The Best Time To Show Popups?

Figuring out the best time for your popup mainly depends upon multiple factors like your website’s purpose, content, and other vital ingredients.

For example, if you are using an exit-intent popup, it’s apparent that it’s for the visitors who are about to leave your website.

Neglecting all these popups with rigid placement and timings, let’s discuss how you can boost the conversion rate of the popups by figuring out the best time to display the generic opt-in form popups.

It will give you a crystal clear idea to figure out the best time for your popups on your website focused on collecting email signup, increasing sales, guiding visitors, or gathering feedback.

Criteria 1 – Time the popup after specific page views.

Using the power of analytics can help you spot the touchpoints on your website where your user engages the most. You can determine when and where your visitors are likely to engage with the popup. Determine the average amount of page views of your audience, and you’ll get the answer.

You can set the position and timing of your popups at these hotspots and drive beneficial results from the entire process.

You can use Google Analytics or other powerful third-party tools to assist you with the conversion and give helpful insights regarding your popup’s positioning and timing.

Criteria 2 – Time your popup based on the amount of page scrolling.

Planting the popup based on the amount of page scroll can improve the conversion rate of your popup. The timing of the popup can be set around a specific spot on your page, and once the visitor is drawn to that part, the popup can sprinkle its magic and help you achieve your business targets.

Anyone viewing the popup will be engaged with your website and hooked on the slippery slide of your page flow. You need to figure out the motive of the popup and the specific spot where the users can reach after scrolling through the page.

Criteria 3 – Based on the hover over the elements or clicks by the user on your website.

The last effective method to analyze the right time to display your popup is by spotting the most hovered element or clicked place on your website. It showcases that the visitors are more likely to engage with your website over a specific hotspot.

It can be a link on your website page or an enticing design placed on the website. You need to spot the most engaging aspect of your webpage and place the popup according to your preference to gain more conversions.

Placing a popup once the action is taken or before the user takes action can improve your popup’s chances of conversion and effectiveness.

Using a powerful third-party tool, you can even try out A/B testing to figure out which display placements drive the maximum conversions.

Now let’s address the whale in the ocean. How can you build an intuitive popup and specify these criteria based on your research?

Boost Your Conversions With Qualzz

Qualzz offers you the freedom to choose from all the mentioned criteria for building an effectively timed popup for your website. It is an advanced and latest popup builder that fulfills your requirement of creating timed marketing popup displays.

You can choose multiple display and targeting options for your selected popup. Qualzz has a wide range of popup template libraries that enables you to skip a lot of work and jump to the good part of making minor tweaks to build your timed popup.

It is an easy-to-use popup builder that enables you to build popups without any technical knowledge and skills. The engaging UI/UX can help you achieve your desired results within minutes.

Qualzz offers you a WordPress plugin to accomplish hassle-free integration of popups with your WordPress website.

That’s not it; Qualzz gives you the freedom to optimize your popup strategy and drive maximum conversion rates using its powerful in-built analytics and A/B testing tools.

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