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Make Calendar Reminder Pop-Up for Your Prospects Using Qualzz

Running a business needs a lot of effort and creativity. If you don’t want to get a lot of pending purchases that are not checked out even during promo deals, then you need to do something to remind your customers and prospects to hit the check out button and buy your products. Because the truth is, once they add products to their cart and these are not checked out right away, there’s a higher chance that they would totally forget about this. This is the reason why have a lot of add-to-carts but no purchases. 

But don’t be sad because you can minimize this kind of scenario. One of the most effective ways to do this is to have an attractive calendar reminder pop-up wherein customers and prospects can set a reminder for themselves. And when it comes to pop-up creation, Qualzz can be your trusted friend. This pop-up builder allows you to create pop-ups in seconds. It is super easy to use with no script needed. You can also make pop-ups with any type of content without having to worry about having the right coding skills or learning any new skills.

What is A Calendar Reminder Pop-Up?

One of the most useful features of any pop-up builder is the calendar reminder pop-up. This is similar to the pop-up form that appears on the website. However, instead of filling up the form, a calendar reminder pop-up has a “Set a Reminder” button that buyers will use to notify themselves when a promo is about to end or when they are ready to purchase the products.

This is a game-changer for marketing because instead of you repeatedly sending promotional messages that might annoy your buyers, they will be the ones to remind themselves instead so they would not miss out on the deals that they are not yet ready to claim.

Why Do You Need a Calendar Reminder Pop-Up?

There are a number of different types of calendar reminders, and a lot of them are designed to help you get things done especially when it comes to marketing. But do you really need one? Of course! Here’s why.

To Remind Your Prospects about Your Deals

When prospects visit your website and add-to-cart your items, it means they are interested in what you are selling. However, since your shop is new to them, they might have a second thought about purchasing those products. But you can change their mind during promo deals especially when this is about to end. You can create a simple calendar reminder pop-up to turn them into customers. Through a calendar reminder pop-up, you can easily inform them that your promo would not last forever. If they want to enjoy your ongoing deals, then they need to check out the items before it ends.

To Capture Your Audience Information before Your Sale

A calendar reminder can be your newest popup template to add to your landing page. It is easy and useful not only when doing a reminder but also when capturing your audience’s information. People who need a little time before they make a purchase and need little reminding will willingly give you their contact information just to get notified. So even if they decide later that they would not buy your products, you can still send them promotional materials in the future because their email address (if this is the one you ask for) is already included in your list.

To Increase Your Conversion Rate

A little reminder can go a long way. And that includes your conversion rate! Your calendar reminder pop-up can help you get your customers and prospects to take action especially when the promo is expiring soon. So make sure to highlight important things like the expiry date and the benefits they can get from your products when they buy one in your template.

How to Make Calendar Reminder Pop-Up Using Qualzz?

Qualzz is a cloud-based library of high-quality interactive content that enables marketers to create pop-up ads, campaigns, and e-mail campaigns. This pop-up builder takes a user-friendly and drag-and-drop approach to ad creation. It allows even the most novice of marketers to quickly and easily craft interactive content that is engaging and relevant.

New to Qualzz? No worries. Just follow this step-by-step guide to make a calendar reminder pop-up.

  1. Got to Qualzz website.
  2. Click on Try Free

3. Fill out the form. Once done, click on Create your account button.

4. This will appear next. Just click the button here. Then, click the link sent to your email address to confirm your Qualzz account.

5. Once you verified your email address, you will be sent back to the Qualzz website. You need to fill out this form to give Qualzz an idea about your business. Once done, click Next.

6. Copy the Tracking Code. Then, click on Create Campaign.

7. For the Campaign Type, choose Increase Sales. Then, click on Continue

8. Inside Increase Sales, there are available pre-built templates you can choose and use right away for your campaign. But there is a black campaign you can use should you wish to start from scratch. You can also choose what kind of Device and Format your campaign would be used for.

But for this guide, I will be choosing desktop for the device, popup for the format, and black campaign for the template.

9. Then, a pop-up window will appear asking you for the Campaign Name. Once filled out, click on Submit.

10. This is what your workspace looks like. You can drag-and-drop or click the icons on the left side to add the elements to your template. Once your design is done, click on Next.

11. For the Display, you can decide the Triggers, Timing, Frequency, and Pages for your campaign. Once done, click on Next.

12. The next step is the Targetting. Here, you can target a specific visitor category (for example those who already visited your page) and target them through a specific traffic channel, browser, and device. You can also do geo-targeting wherein you can allow or exclude locations for your campaign. Once your targeting is done, click on Next.

13. The last step is Automation. Here, you can choose your preferred platform for Set Up Integration. You can also choose a frequency for your campaign through Schedule. You can also include your Webhook URL if you want to get every form as soon it is submitted. Tick the box to activate your campaign. To finish setting up, click on Save Campaign. You now have a calendar reminder that would pop up to your landing page every time your website gets a visitor.

Final Thought

A calendar reminder popup is a revolutionary feature that assists you in notifying people of the products they need to check out before your promo expires. When it is used correctly, calendar reminders can be incredibly powerful to turn your prospects into real and loyal customers. And to do that, you need a pop-up builder that can keep up with your needs and provide all the features you are looking for to create highly converting popups. Luckily, your search is over because Qualzz can give you what you need. Its drag-and-drop approach allows you to design your template easily. Its display and targetting feature allows you to set up your campaign so it would appear at the right time and at the right visitors. Lastly, because of the available automation feature, you just need to set your campaign once and let Qualzz do the job for you.


Henry Hoe 

Founder of DecisiveMarketer. Henry is a multiple seven figures eCommerce business owner with years of experience in selling on WooCommerce, Amazon, Qoo10, Lazada, Shopee, and eBay. He specializes in SEO and email marketing as well as business automation.