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Pop Ups Examples

Examples of best pop-ups that convert

The fact that email continues to be one of the most cost-efficient and effective ways to communicate with your brand’s customers or prospects is well established.

Email marketing seems to be one of the only few channels of communication that does not only possess the advantage of communicating at scale but also communicating personally.

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable personal touches – at scale. “ -David Newman

And what it means for your brand is that Email tends to be the single most effective means of communication that should not only increase sales exponentially but also build brand equity.

That said, one of the strongest focus points you must-have for your brand is designing pop-ups, less so with the aim to accumulate sign-ups, and more so with the aim to convert prospects to customers.

Any activity that you can perform to boost conversion on your pop-ups will create a chain reaction of benefits for your brand/business.

Think about it, more sign-ups would indicate more people aware of your brand.

The more people aware of your brand, the more there are people looking to buy your product urgently, after a while, or just waiting to be converted until a persuasive email copy does so.

And this increases your brand equity exponentially.

Thus, the single most effective step you can take right now to ensure your brand’s future success is to design pop-ups that convert.

And, we at Qualzz, help you accomplish just the same.

Essentially, designing a high converting pop-up is an art of communicating more effectively.

It is an art of communicating respect, an offer to serve customers and prospects better, and impacting their lives in ways that just would not have been possible without our interruption.

Instead of communicating in a way that just makes them feel unnecessarily interrupted or as commodities for your business activities, you must communicate respectfully.

For example, just a simple act of including a visible close-button on your pop-up makes customers feel respected by having the choice to opt-out whenever they choose to.

Rather than one which interrupts their flow without even giving them a choice to opt-out.

To better understand pop-ups that convert, let us look at a few types of pop-ups that convert highly.


Examples of pop-ups that convert:

1)Status Symbol Pop-ups:

Status Symbol Pop-ups are one of the most effective pop-ups that you can use for your Business to boost conversion.

So, what are Status Symbol pop-ups?

Essentially, Status Symbol pop-ups are pop-ups that flip the script of a pop-up in your favor and put the power in your hands rather than your customers’.

These pop-ups are a means to qualify a customer, to find out whether they deserve to be in your list of contacts.

The design of these pop-ups is such that your customers view you as an authority, instead of as someone desperate to gain access to their email addresses.

Let us look at an example to better understand the structure of these pop-ups:

pop ups examples

Source: AWeber Blog

As you can see, with phrases such as “Join 298,071 Rebels” and “15 Mistakes Newbies Make When Trying to Get Healthy”, there is a clear opportunity for prospects to raise their status.

How exactly?

Because the words communicate to them that by signing up on the pop-up, they will automatically be raised from the status of a Newbie to that of a Rebel!

And who would prefer being a Newbie over a Rebel?

This pop-up is a brilliant example of a Status Symbol Pop-up, a pop-up that speaks to a consumer’s inherent desire to raise their status in the World.

2) FOMO pop-ups:

FOMO, what exactly does this word mean?

FOMO stands for Fear of Missing Out.

Yes, and these pop-ups do an amazing job converting your prospects into customers.

How exactly do they achieve this task?

Here is how.

You see, when your prospects encounter your pop-up for the first time, they have a 5 to 10 second window between which they either decide to sign-up or not.

And any pop-up that amplifies their desire to sign-up on the pop-up at the moment right then and there boosts your conversion exponentially.

Any pop-up that includes an offer or a deal that runs out in the very immediate future, compels your prospects to take action at the moment.

It creates a sense of urgency for them to take action immediately by signing up, or missing out on this opportunity forever, known as an opportunity cost in economic terms.

Here is an example that demonstrates this type of pop-ups for you:

pop ups examples

Source: Casper

Upon looking at this pop-up, there should remain no doubt in your mind about the conversion power of this type of pop-ups.

As you can see, there is a clear value proposition to the prospect here: To sign-up on the list to receive an exclusive discount, while doing so urgently before the timer runs out!

There isn’t just an offer, there is an offer that will soon be over without being taken action on.

These pop-ups do wonders for your conversion rate!

3) Visually appealing Pop-ups:

While optimizing your pop-ups on other categories and functions might require expert assistance or quite a bit of research, one thing you can do right now to boost conversion is to simply make your pop-ups more visually appealing.

Yes, a simple act of making tweaks in your pop-ups to improve its visual experience to your prospects shall result in tremendous ROI.

“There are three responses to a piece of design: yes, no and WOW! WOW is the one to aim for.” -Milton Glaser

Let us look at an example that can inspire awe in prospects:

Pop Ups Examples

Source: Visme

The pop-up in the above example is an extremely visually appealing newsletter popup not only from the buyer’s perspective but also from the marketer’s.

Here is how.

As you can see, the “Sign me up.” button is a brilliant example of designing genius. Not only is the button in contrast with the background but also in a color that attracts attention.

Having the Call-to-action buttons in such a color as red that captures the attention of the eye is crucial in decisive moments that your pop-up brings.

Another feature that this pop-up has is the visible Close button on the top-right hand corner.

And this feature as well helps make the pop-up more visually appealing to your prospects, simply by making their experience on your pop-up more convenient and easy to opt-out of, if they choose to.

Thus, visually appealing pop-ups not only support the marketer’s incentive but also the customer’s.

4) Value offers and Freebie Pop-ups

Believe it or not, consumers inherently love occasions on which they can trade lesser money for an object or experience to which they attribute a higher value.

Your prospects and consumers love value offers and freebies, as indicated by a survey.

And as a marketer, you may not have to necessarily offer a tremendous value for an extremely low price, you might have to just create an illusion that you do.

For example, if you are selling an online course on dropshipping for 250$ and upsell an ebook on it for 50$, you could position your product offer in a way that offers your customers a 300$ dropshipping course with a FREE ebook in their mailboxes.

And Pop-ups that successfully accomplish value offers and freebies in their pop-ups do a fabulous job at driving their prospects to action.

Because in the end, who doesn’t love free stuff?

Let’s look at an example that demonstrates this type of pop-up:

Source: Fire Nation

As a prospect deciding upon whether to enter his/her email address in the box or not, it would certainly be easier to enter the email ID than not.

Why so?

It is because such a pop-up communicates very clearly to the target market: Sign-up to unlock your first step in achieving Financial and Lifestyle freedom.

“The art of running high converting pop-ups is nothing more than an act of helping customers realize the opportunity cost of not signing up.”-Qualzz

5) Persuasive copy Pop-ups:

Pop-ups that present a persuasive copy to prospects are bound to see a significant boost in the conversion rate.

What is “copy” anyways?

Well, copy or copywriting is in simple words, the “art of selling through words”, “salesmanship in print” or “words that get cash”.

It is essentially communicating the value of an offer through words that inspire action, through words that motivate your prospects to buy.

For example, just a simple act of replacing the option on your pop-up to sign up with “Yes, I want the free stuff” instead of “Sign in”.

Here is an example that uses the Power of words effectively:

Source: Search Engine Journal

How exactly does this pop-up use words to persuade prospects to sign up?

Here is how.

First off, the marketer in the above example used mystery and suspicion to pump the buyer’s interest.

With the headline as 5 Principles of Persuasive Web Design, the marketer is communicating to the prospect that he does not only know the principles or the rules to persuasive web design but also knows them in specific numbers (5).

This certainty demonstrated through words compels the prospect to find out what’s in store.

Second, with opt-in and opt-out buttons as demonstrated in the picture, the prospect is forced to make a decision that self-selects him as someone who designs a persuasive website or not.

And last, there is of-course an opportunity for the prospect to raise his/her status by joining a private newsletter, and also an opportunity for short-term outcomes as the answer is revealed instantly.

A persuasive copy thus uses words and phrases to better communicate an offer and to better boost conversion rates.

Now, an overview of these 5 types of pop-ups that boost conversion should have given you a general idea of the ideal practices necessary to assure your pop-up’s success.

However, these 5 general ideas tend to be only a small portion of ideas amidst a large ocean of them, which are impossible to develop a knack for without experience.

And we, at Qualzz, have mastered the art of just that.

To ensure the success of your pop-ups, we have accumulated years of insights and experience working with clients from various industries and formulated a simple process to ensure your pop-up’s success.

If you would like to skyrocket your conversion rates and take the single most important step TODAY to developing a bright future for your BRAND.