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12 Popup Templates To Inspire

12 Pop-Up Templates Ideas To Inspire You In 2021

One of the effective ways to convince your audience to sign up for an email list is a nicely designed pop ups that attracts them. You can increase the conversion rate on your site impressively as, according to research, the pop-up conversion rate is 3.09% on average, which is more than the majority of PPC conversion rates. Another study reported an increase of 1375% subscribers by using an effective popup strategy.

However, the real question is,

Are all pop up affect the same way?

The answer is “NO.”

Not all pop-ups are capable of growing your email list, impel engagement, and above all, boost your direct sales.

Only optimally designed popups can grab customers’ attention, which, we all know, consists of a very short span.

The very next question is how popups grab attention?

The answer is,

By offering value to customers, as the attention span of the customers is only 8 seconds and  28% of words on average, which is, of course, very small.

To show how a popup grabs customers’ attention by providing value, see the example below:

In the image above, the company uses a cleverly designed popup that provides value to its customers by promising actionable guidelines or information to develop their bottom line.

Also, the design features legible content, uses only three vivid colors, and has only one slot to fill. So, it is an example of an all-in-one effective popup.

12 Pop Up Templates Ideas

To design your pop-ups optimally, you need to select the right and suitable pop ups.

There is a wide range of popup available, but you need to select the template according to the nature of your business and business targets.

Here are 12 pop ups templates ideas that you can use to boost your sales conversions and grow your email list.

1.   Exit Intent Coupon Pop-Ups

The majority of 68% of customers drop their order right before checking out. However, you can convert your cart to abandoning shoppers by developing tempting exit-intent coupon pop-ups.

See in the example below:

exit-intent popup templates

The content of the above pop ups helps reduce the abandoning carts through multiple offers of discount and free shipping, which creates the urgency sense.

2.   Call-To-Action Popup

A gripping calls-to-action pop up can help you push potential customers to conversion, as you can see in the example below:

Call to action ecommerce popup

Varley has created a compelling calls-to-action pop-up by using the psychology traits asking visitors to stop dreaming and start shopping. The outstanding images with short sentences and vigorous verbs help conversion substantially.

3.   Product Updates Popup

Communicating with your customers or audience by creating a product updates popup is always an excellent idea to boost engagement levels and drive sales. You cannot only provide information about the new or upcoming products, but these popup templates can be a tool to provide important product information. See in the example below:

The “What’s new” text is used by Productstash to provide product updates to the users to facilitate timely information.

4.   Wheel Pop-Ups

Discount pop ups template do not work all the time, so wheel pop up is a way to interactively and actively engage your buyers or visitors. The reason is, it’s uncommon.

In the image above, instead of using the default wheel pop-up template, the company has designed its own wheel pop-up by using its brand image to attract and grab the attention of visitors.

5.   Promo code Pop Up

Sales conversions can be boosted by using a promo code popup as it helps to convey the right information about the products. These popups work great for seasonal promotions and sales. See in the example below:

promo code popup

Email sales promotion pop up is shown in the image above, which is created by using sales promos visitors are more probably to be interested in.

6.   Join Community Popup

This type of popup template is to acquire information from customers or visitors, such as their email, and get them to join the services. These are especially vital for universities, other educational services online, and subscription-based software and tools. Their design is usually kept simple.

See the popup from GONG, the image is so eye-catching and they ask you to join the community of sales leaders:

You can see that the popup is different from sales and promotional popups in terms of design and content.

7.   Newsletter Pop up templates

You can promote sign up for your newsletter by creating interactive and capturing pop up designs, for example, in the image below:

Newsletter popup template

The above image shows a simply created pop-up with attractive colors and images to induce visitors to sign up for the newsletter to keep them updated with new information.

8.   Lead Magnet Popup

You can induce your visitors to sign up for your SAAS by using a lead magnet popup. If you have a blog or a website with a specialty product to sell, a lead magnet pop up is going to be a crucial part of your marketing arsenal. For example, see in the image below:

Lightbox popup template

Canva, a US $15 Billion company has created a compelling pop up by offering a 30-day free tryout of their Canva Prof version.

9.   Cookie Pop Ups

You have to create a cookie consent pop up in order to give visitors information about consent options. So, why not make it good-looking while keeping it simple and less disturbing? For example, see in the image below:

Cookie popup template

Financial Times uses less intrusive cookie consent pop up by using a discreet area box. At the same time, the content is legible and informs the visitors about the cookie consent options and details clearly, fulfilling the legal requirements.

10.         Announcement Popup

Did you know you can trigger your visitors by using announcement pop ups websites?

See the example below; Axis bank has created a pop by sharing important news of their new product launch introduction. They have also coupled it with unlocking 250+ banking services with this account.

Well, you can resist the charm of new stuff with an amazing services?

Announcement popup

11.         Invitation Pop-Ups

Invitation pop-up is another way to create an exciting pop-ups as visitors are always eager to know updates about new events. For example, see in the example below:

An invitation pop-up is created by inviting the audience to join the community by using eye-catching colors instead of using a dry and insipid pop-up template.

12.         Video Pop Up

Using video pop-ups is, without a doubt, one of the exciting ways to grab visitors’ attention and increase sales. In the example below, you can see an interactive target-based video pop ups template created to gather emails from the visitors.

Video popup

Concluding Words

In short, you have quite a plethora of pop ups template options to choose from in order to increase the attention span of your visitors, grow your email list, and improve sales and leads.

So, invest your time in selecting the right pop ups template design in accordance with your business target and brand theme to get the best results.