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Do you want to supercharge your business and you want to have the power to turn your website visitors into subscribers and customers effortlessly?

Today we are extremely pleased to announce the launch of Qualzz, a powerful conversion optimization toolkit that skyrockets your sales.

It’s simple and robust campaign designer which allows you to design and target pop-ups, banners, sidebars and opt-in forms that are guaranteed to increase website conversion rate, capture leads and increase online revenue.


Qualzz is a FREE marketing tool trusted and used by online stores, websites and businesses across the web. Using Qualzz you can build an email list, increase online revenue, reduce cart abandonment and increase page views.

Some of the features which Qualzz offer:

  • Design, Publish and Track multiple campaigns seamlessly.
  • Drag and Drop editor.
  • Simple and easy to use template editor enables you to design your own popups.
  • You can also choose from a list of professional designed campaign templates.
  • Advanced campaign targeting based on exit intent, scroll, time, device type, location, campaign scheduling and number of visits.
  • Live and customizable user specific dashboard shows graphs and reports which help to take better marketing decisions.
  • Monitor performance and download data driven campaign statistics.
  • Create and schedule automated multi-variant campaigns.
  • Configure daily, weekly and monthly email reports to keep track of the campaigns
  • Invite users with different levels of access to manage the campaigns.
  • Multi-variant testing.

Advanced Targeting features:

  • Geo targeting

  • Page level targeting

  • New or returning visitor

  • Cart abandonment targeting

  • Controlled display targeting

  • Select device specific campaigns.

Get Qualzz Now

Installing Qualzz is super easy and requires no coding skills.


Over 70% of your website visitors never become customers or subscribers; change that with Qualzz, with this powerful tool, you don’t need those expensive, complicated software solutions to improve site conversions.

This revolutionary application delivers results immediately with an intuitive drag and drop designer, customizable campaigns, adjustable targeting methods, prompt triggers and conversion focused reports.

Qualzz provide solutions by developing exit intent popups, it offers coupons, discount popups.

It offers different campaign types:

  1. Light box

  2. Floating Bar

  3. Side Bar

  4. Notifications

  5. Full screen

In a flawless world, you can convince everyone to buy your product or subscribe to your blog.

However in a real world, you can probably convince between 5-20% of them to subscribe and soon after purchase the product.

Get Qualzz Now

You don’t even know how many customers you are missing out on, want to increase conversion rates and are you ready to stop losing your customers?

What are you waiting for?

Start using now to derive more value and convert your visitors into subscribers and customers.