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How to integrate Qualzz with Emailoctopus

Connect Qualzz with EmailOctopus

If you use EmailOctopus for email marketing and Qualzz to collect the email addresses of your website visitors, you can avoid having to manually export and import data.

Just integrate these two apps and connect to your mailing list, the system will add every new email subscriber to this list automatically. Learn how to activate the integration between Qualzz and EmailOctopus.

  • Log in to your Qualzz account and choose the Edit campaign to which you would like to connect EmailOctopus.

Hubspot integration with Qualzz

  • Choose the “Automation” tab in the campaign editor screen and click on the “Set Up Integration” button.

Add integration

  • Select EmailOctopus from the list of integrations. You will need API keys to connect.


EmailOctopus popup

  • Login to your EmailOctopus account. From the user settings, select the Integrations & API option.

Emailoctopus api keys to integrate with Qualzz

  • Select “developer API” option and the system will navigate to the API screen.

Emailoctopus newsletter signups

  • Select the button “Copy to clipboard” to copy the API keys

Copy api

  • In the Setup Integrations screen, give a name to the integration and paste the EmailOctopus API keys in the API key field.
  • Select the list you would like to connect to and make sure the fields of your widget are matched to those in the EmailOctopus list. Click the “Map Fields” button to check that the fields are properly matched.

Email signup popups

  • When you are done mapping the fields, click “Submit“. Now all new contacts will be automatically copied to the EmailOctopus list you have specified.