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Best lightbox examples that works

Best Lightbox popup 1

If you want to boost your website’s conversion and capture your visitor’s emails, then you must think outside the box.

A lightbox popup can help with this use case but using the Best lightbox popup designs can make a huge difference.

Many marketing experts emphasize using lightbox popup for the lead generation process as this type has a proven conversion rate. Lightbox popup marketing is designed to be seamless, convenient but also powerful and very convincing.

The idea here is to find the right lightbox popup examples and the results you get can be very impressive and interesting.

With that in mind, make sure that you pick popup designs that really make you stand out of the crowd. Once you do that, the chances of getting amazing results will increase exponentially.

Ecommerce businesses can use lightbox popups to promote its most trending products and increase their online sales. SAAS companies can use these lightbox popups to capture email signups and increase their subscriptions.

In today’s article, we will look at the various use cases business are using the lightbox popups and they work really well, and using these strategies one can increase their conversions.

One-click conversion

People want to save time, so accessing a solution that helps them reach the desired result with a single click does help a lot in terms of user experience and enhance customer satisfaction.

Best Lightbox popup 2

In the above example, the airline website prompts the user with a lightbox popup based on their search criteria and uses the urgency word “FEW, LEFT & NOW” in the popup copy to entice the visitors to make immediate buying decisions.

The one-click conversion methodology is used here in the popup, where the users are directly taken to the seat availability section.

Interested in knowing about the different popup designs and use cases provided by Qualzz.

Promote shopping

One of the best exit-intent lightbox popup use cases by the eCommerce stores is to promote the visitors in doing shopping.

In this case, the websites are promoting the idea to start shopping on the website. In order to generate conversions, you can add a discount code either for a certain percentage off or even free shipping.

Either way, the visitor gets a motivation in the form of a deal and that’s all that matters. It encourages more business, while also making it easy for the customer to shop at their own pace.

In the below example a popup is showed to the customers when they are above to leave the website.

Best Lightbox popup 3

The pop up provides a coupon in this case, and the customer can use it upon buying.

Instead of a coupon, you can link the user directly to the purchase page and sweeten the deal for them there.

Obviously, a lot of people like this approach because it helps save money, and everyone wants that. You still need creativity, but the proper ideas can make it work really well all the time.

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Time-limited deals

Another important lightbox popup strategy used by the many organizations is by using the timer in the website. The timer notifies the visitors about the time-limited deals.

Best Lightbox popup 4

The pop up will show a deadline clock, and you can use that to share a coupon as well. This is the most effective conversion strategy advocated by all the conversion optimization experts.

It’s a time-limited deal, so the coupon will be used only for a limited amount of time. This popup converts better as they are using the enticing urgency words like “Hurry”, “Flash”, “Ends Soon” and “Shop Fast”.

This is a very creative idea and one that everyone will like just because it’s so different and unique at the same time.

Offer free goods

It’s always a good idea to use the lightbox popup to offer something for free to customers.

Its general human psychology to get tempted for free goods or free offers. Provide value to customers in the form of free gifts or offers.

Best Lightbox popup 5

You can use this as the means to showcase your new ebook, and the visitor will need to leave his own email address. This approach is very common, a lot of people use it for the lightbox popup, and it works seamlessly.

Best Lightbox popup 6

Grubhub offers free delivery in the form of lightbox popup.

It’s something to take into consideration, so try to keep that in mind for the best results. At the end of the day, you get to offer something in return for the email address, so everyone wins. This is one of the most common lightbox popup designs and it works very well for any industry.

Share intriguing subscriptions

You can request the email address and name, all while saying that the subscribers will receive secret codes and coupons.

Best Lightbox popup 7

They won’t know exactly what they receive, but it’s still a very good idea to do this because people like a good surprise. Doing that can indeed make a huge difference, and that’s what you want to do right away.

Survey lightbox popup

If you want to know what people think about your current product or an upcoming one, then you should use a survey pop up. It’s a system that a lot of customers will like because they get to speak their mind.

And it helps you too since feedback will be a lot easier to access and the experience itself is a much better and more cohesive one.

Best Lightbox popup 8

Just try to take that into consideration, and you will find that it all works seamlessly and without a problem.

The above popup is an excellent example to showcase how the popups can be used to conduct surveys by offering a free gift within 15 seconds time interval.

Invite people to a giveaway page

Website visitors like good giveaway, and in this case you can share a good one. You can have a website page that’s not accessible unless people click on the lightbox popup.

Best Lightbox popup 9

You can add whatever you see fit here, you can have discount codes, maybe even a video for your customers or a short tutorial. It’s ok to be as creative as possible here, and the results themselves can be very impressive in the end.

And of course, you need to give away an item for the best results.

Pre-sale lightbox popup

It’s also a good idea to generate some buzz for your new products. If people click on the lightbox popup, you can offer them a pre-sale deal or a code they can use as soon as the newly released product is available.

It’s a very interesting idea and one that a lot of people love just because it’s so distinctive and exciting

Best Lightbox popup 10

In the above example, the smart watch company is seeking pre-orders for their new sports edition. This is a great way to generate some interest in the upcoming products and generate some revenue out of it.

Promoting a sales page

The lightbox popups can be used to direct e-commerce website visitors to the sales page, while also offering a sweet deal there. It’s a very good idea and one that will boost your sales pretty nicely.

Best Lightbox popup 11

You can also capture the email address of the customer, just to sweeten the deal a little bit more. That’s what matters the most in the end, after all.

Joining a special community forum

You can go even further and create a small forum only for community members. And they can sign up using the lightbox popup.

This is a very interesting idea and it can bring in quite a lot of innovation. You just have to put in the work to create the community forum, and then it will expand naturally.

Best Lightbox popup 12

Tommy Hilfiger prompts it’s website visitors to join the exclusive Hilfiger club along with a 20% discount as an incentive for providing the email address.


There are many ways to bring in more sales or gain email addresses from customers. These lightbox popup designs are very interesting, easy to use and you will appreciate how easy they are to use and the great solutions they provide for specific business use cases.

We can create the lightbox popup using jquery code but the limitations with respect to design and targeting are many. Using popup tools like Qualzz, we can simplify and maximize the popup design and targeting options without using a single line of code.

The possibilities are limitless, just make sure that you pick the best lightbox popup design and then customize it to suit your needs and requirements!

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