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Email Marketing Trends To Watch For In 2019

Email marketing trends to watch for in 2019

The wonders of email are simply unquestionable.

Although it no longer gets the same hype as other newer channels like Social media, Email can still deliver exceptional results for all marketers even after all these years.

Email marketing remains effective for quite some time, that there is one thing people usually overlook – it is still changing.

From different ways consumers read their messages to the platforms powering campaigns, email is constantly going through significant changes.

Email marketing is Evolving

And this 2019, there are some notable shifts and innovations that are expected to become popular trends in the world of email marketing.


Emails can also be interactive but this simple fact most marketers tend to forget.

More often than not, the email campaigns are only set aside as static instead of dynamic.

However, these days, marketing platforms have made it possible to add a plethora of interactive elements to email messages, including Hamburger menus, Navigational anchor tags, Clickable hotspots, and Image carousels, Dynamic content.

Marketers can also use simpler tactics to give their audiences the chance to engage with their messages. For instance, they can include a reply to us option for the recipients.

Brands at the minimum should mull over experimenting with this kind of basic interactivity in order to improve engagement this 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

Why is it that email marketing platforms are to become even more elegant and sophisticated this 2019?

Well, this is primarily due to Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence or AI is not a science fiction anymore that belongs in movies or books. This technology is now implemented and used on numerous fields.

When it comes to email in particular, artificial intelligence will be able to help marketers in coming up with more effective content, optimizing send frequency or send times, and predict actions of the target audience.

But, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Artificial intelligence is evolving swiftly and more applications in the real world should come from email marketers in the following months.


For quite some time, email personalization was primarily superficial, with marketers personalizing messages through adding something such as the name of the recipient.

Thanks to the richer data and marketing platforms that have become more powerful, personalization is now possible.

Brands have started to target highly specific content, offering to individuals according to projected and past behavior.

The approach has yielded impressive results, with 82 percent of marketers reporting improved open rates with quality personalization of emails.

This is also expected to get more effective this 2019 with the tools becoming more sophisticated.

Data Privacy

GDPR was the most buzz worthy email story the previous year.

The regulations EU adopted has put in place some strict controls on the way marketers can use or collect data, giving consumers better control on their personal data.

All of a sudden, most of the approaches that brands have been taking through these years, including purchasing email lists, now seem questionable.

Although the GDPR startled citizens of Europe, this was not an isolated event.

Global consumers are worried as to how brands use their data and this concern will continue to linger for the coming years.

Mobile Responsiveness Becomes Obligatory

If you are wondering why many businesses and people focus more on design, it is due to the shift from desktop to mobile devices. Some emails are opened on mobile devices.

In fact, in 2012, 29% of mobile device users are opening emails on their mobile devices and this rate will continue to grow in the future.

In short, every marketer should pay attention on the mobile responsiveness of their emails. How the messages are displayed and their length must be considered.

Purchasing Email Lists Starts to Become Outdated

Each day, businesses and individuals send more than 293B emails and this number is expected to increase more than 333B by year 2022.

So, the inboxes of consumers are flooded with messages.

If you want to get your emails or campaigns read and opened, you should try some strategies.

One of these is to use personalization when delivering relevant content, optimizing subject lines with artificial intelligence, and sending messages that are based on the triggered actions.

There is also another way to have an edge and that is through having unique voice.

This might sound like a small thing, but it is important.

Having a distinct tone provides marketers a huge advantage in terms of emails and it makes the messages different as well as recognizable to the audiences.

The need for unique voice isn’t something like a new concept. It is essential as the world becomes more advance.

This highlights another thing that makes the emails much amazing and it is the perfect combination of contemporary and old-fashioned. It’s best for both and it’s a channel, which remains familiar to the brands while integrating the newest digital advances.

Sending Trigger Based Emails Will Increase Its Usage

Triggered emails basically have 71 percent high open rate as well as 102 percent high click-through rate in comparison to the general newsletters.

These triggered emails are the delivered messages only when a person has taken a particular action like abandoning shopping carts, subscribing, and so on.

Such numbers are actually driven by the thought that marketers tend to have insight to the intent in terms of the triggered emails and may deliver relevant messaging.

This effectiveness and fact that audiences tend to be annoyed by the triggered emails is an argument for their increased use in year 2019.


Email started as a text-based channel and has continued to be the main focus.

Originally, marketers have paid attention to the things like images and headers, yet the bulk effort became developing good copy. Fortunately, this is starting to change.

Many brands have started to realize that effective campaigns are all about visuals as the words and they’re starting to concentrate on design elements including button colors, illustrations, and icons.

Expect to see more email marketing trends as online presence becomes more important for people and businesses.