Early adopters

Welcome to Early Adopter's program

We are inviting

Marketing directors,

Digital marketers,

Ecommerce specialists

Tech enthusiasts,  and

Early adopters,

who are committed to increasing their conversion rates to be part of the Qualzz Early Adopter’s program.

Why you should join:

We at Qualzz always believed in defining the product with the customers, by the customers, and for the customers.

That is why customers play an important role in Qualzz’s success journey. As part of this customer-centric approach, we have decided to open up the Qualzz Early Adopter’s program at this juncture for a limited period of time.

We want our users to be our torch bearers and guide us through the journey to make Qualzz successful.

We believe in the saying  “The Customer is God”, so the customer will play an important role in our organization.

About Qualzz:

Qualzz offers customer engagement solutions to capture email leads from your visitors. Our motto is to allow our users to “Engage, Inspire and Convert their website visitors to customers seamlessly”.

Use Cases:

  • Increase your lead generation and capture email signups
  • Guide your website visitors to better decision making
  • Increase product sales through cross-selling and up-selling
  • Conduct surveys, gather data points to improve offerings
  • Collect feedback and enhance customer satisfaction

Our vision:

Work relentlessly towards providing the best user experience, so you can gain more leads and secure the loyalty of your customers.

Program Expectations:

  1. Early adopters will act like Qualzz advocates and will help in shaping the product
  2. Actively use the product, report bugs, suggest new features, product road map and provide feedback
  3. Active participation in the FaceBook group and help the Qualzz family in increasing conversions
  4. Assist in product demos, webinars, podcasts, and video testimonials
  5. Support and recommend the product and its initiatives

Early Adopter’s Perks:

  • 3 months free access to Qualzz Premium plan (For all users, for testing purposes)
  • One free consultation in designing and deploying Qualzz lead generation campaigns
  • Qualzz exclusive FaceBook group access
  • Early access to new features and functionalities
  • Active users will be given a 1-year free subscription

Terms and Conditions:

  1. At least one campaign should be active which includes installing Qualzz Javascript on your website
  2. Access to Qualzz will be revoked for the users not obliging to program expectations
  3. Qualzz terms and conditions and privacy policies are applicable

Product Usage

Product Demo