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Why Qualzz Is the Best Alternative to Optimonk

Promising to reduce cart abandonment with targeted exit popups, Optimonk made itself quite a name. But their rigid popup designer and their focus on a limited set of use cases don’t appeal to all marketers.

With its powerful and super easy-to-use popup builder, Qualzz is the most advanced onsite marketing solution. Let’s see why you should join the thousands of marketers who decided to go with Qualzz.

4 Reasons to Choose Qualzz

Advanced Customization

You shouldn’t have to pay $99 to get a popup design which mirrors your brand and blends with your website. That’s why we offer a flexible builder that enables you to create all kinds of popups (exit offers, lightbox, slide-ins, etc.) without any external help.

Zero Code

To make up for their lack of customization options, Optimonk relies heavily on HTML, CSS and JS. Forget about that! Qualzz requires zero code. Designing and customizing popups is so easy — anybody can build a beautiful popup in under a minute.

Exact Targeting

Leverage more than thirty targeting options to display your popups to the right user, at the right time. iPhone users with more than $45 in their cart? Desktop visitors from California visiting your pricing page? It’s all done in a snap.

Precise Reporting

Take your reporting further with Qualzz and measure exactly how much revenue and how many conversions your campaigns generated. We even let you set your own attribution rules. Calculating the ROI of your popups becomes a breeze.

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